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tips for online shopping(conbined with my experience)

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catherin On September 24, 2009

#1New Post! Sep 22, 2009 @ 03:15:55
Guys, do u all think that shoping online is more convenient? maybe, this question comes first:how can we make it sure that what we get is just what we saw on the internet?

this question is always in my mind, i just wanna more tips for me to follow:

1.if possible, Detailed Seller Ratings is important,but,do remember "it is not all ",pseudo rating can be easily done. the price and the average, how can a golden ring just ask for $10 ?

price is important, but we have to remember that price must be in an acceptable level and also a just and reasonable level.

Take (a site I saw in this forum days ago)for example. The prices of items there seems below a reasonable level. Why it??s price is so below? Because it??s from china, who is famous for cheap labour and production costs. read what the website's principle, then u can ask for compensates according to it, if sth. happened.

4.make sure that the measurement suit u!

something like follws is acceptable:

Sleeve 18CM/7.09??
Shoulder 36CM/14.17??
Bust(elastic) 120-150CM/47.24-59.06??
Sleeve opening 44CM/13.72??
Bottom 112CM/44.09??
Arm width 40CM/15.75??
Please check the measurement chart carefully. Because of different producing batches, there may be deviation of 2~3 cm
CONDITION 100% Brand New / Without Any Accessory
REMARK Please note that due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings, the colors shown in the photography may not correspond 100% to those in the items themselves.
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DuLu On January 11, 2017

Waverly, Washington
#2New Post! Sep 22, 2009 @ 04:15:17
hmmmm, have never ordered anything online. I'll research stuff online. If I wanna order, I'll call in the order.
If it's not possible to call it in, like on ebay or craig's list, then I don't order from them. I don't like the payment processes. Lol, that being said though, I have been considering trying to sell stuff online, but my insecurities about the payment processes are holding me back. So the products are just sitting in my house. Not making any money that way, but I can always go back to being self-employed, direct-selling.

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