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spring break

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b On April 23, 2004

#1New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 04:30:05
who went places, who stayed behind? anyone bored in cookeville? heh
belle81 On October 27, 2004

#2New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 14:09:36
ok so we're college students....I don't have money to go anywhere. So I for one stayed here....yeah its boring, but I've decided to hang out with someone different each day of the week, so there is a little fun in the week before getting back to school....anyone know anything to do here???
b On April 23, 2004

#3New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 16:54:32
do you shoot pool? do you bowl?
kyle On July 23, 2004

#4New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 19:04:55
pool during the day is cheap and always a good time.....also, players does have the best damn nachos in town. love the quote belle.
mmgsr On December 03, 2004

Cookeville, Tennessee
#5New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 21:03:37
Well, I went home and it's just as exciting as staying at Cookeville it sounds like. Only reason I came home is cause nobody was staying at school and the cafe is closed all week, free food at home. Oh yeah, and I haven't seen my family all semester
belle81 On October 27, 2004

#6New Post! Mar 15, 2004 @ 22:52:00
thanks Kyle

yeah i enjoy pool and bowling, just seems like i can't ever get people together to do either
kyle On July 23, 2004

#7New Post! Mar 16, 2004 @ 00:06:31
B and I will be down at players about 9:30
belle81 On October 27, 2004

#8New Post! Mar 16, 2004 @ 02:18:53
last minute timing.....wish i could have caught that message earlier.....if you all go later in the week let me know
jmo On January 02, 2020
Beruset af Julebryg

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
#9New Post! Dec 17, 2006 @ 19:53:49
I and Thou is possably the best philosophical book i have ever had the joy of reading.

It really does give an insight into alot of things, and into the mind of somoene who looks at things totally differently to how I do.

It isn't an "easy" read, but it's enjoyable. It really is best late on a friday night, with a glass of red wine and something like the Doors playing in the background. All in all, worth reading, and possably life changing.
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