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is this discrimination ?

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ypoons On February 08, 2005

#1New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 05:48:59
Two new students at a local high school that arrived from another country get to wear shawls because they are muslim. Yet the rest of the school kids have to wear uniforms as a dress code. One child in rebellion decided to wear blue jeans and a T shirt and he was suspended. This is a public school. Is this fair. Should people from other countries have more rights than we do?
El_Tino On August 10, 2020

Albuquerque, New Mexico
#2New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 06:09:00
The constitution protects religion. Jeans & t-shirts aren't part of a religion, so I guess not!
jones On April 22, 2005

, New Zealand
#3New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 08:24:35
That's not discrimination, that's respecting others beliefs.
boys4pele On November 11, 2009

Meridian, Mississippi
#4New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 12:17:43
Not to be "debbie downer" but i do not think it is discrimination..but i do think when others come into this country they get more benefits than us one ever gave me a grant to start my own business in america...sometimes they get more... from the government..
clitcommander On June 04, 2005

#5New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 13:02:18
it's a bit of a fine line i think.

while the student who wore the jeans and t-shirt really didn't have a leg to stand on as to WHY he should be able to wear them, the muslims students on the other hand, do!

it's part of their religion that says that out of respect that they must wear these garments, and their parents would not stand for anything less but for the kids to uphold those beleifs and tradition.

They were trying to pass a law here in oz trying to ban muslim women from wearing the head dress, and you know the whole reason why they were trying to do this?

because there could of been the possibly that weapons or bombs could be hid under them i mean like what the f***, seriously!!

But in regards to the comment about them getting more, that is very true, but you have to think about some of the countries that these ppl have come from, some only got through with just their lives!! so a helping hand is going to go a long way for them. Not that im saying that it's totally fair fair, but that's just the way it is.
boys4pele On November 11, 2009

Meridian, Mississippi
#6New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 13:32:54
you are right...about the only thing they have is their lives.. i see it your way...but dont you think..your native home...should help you out first before others..? just wanting your opinion
jones On April 22, 2005

, New Zealand
#7New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 19:35:56
But your native home DOES help you out first! From the moment you were born you have had every oppurtunity to go anywhere you want, do anything you want, be anything you want.

Yeah sure, migrants get a hand up with grants and housing, but if you wanted to play the system, I'm sure you could too. There are a lot of oppurtunities out there for people -migrants, low/no income, students. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair, but personally I don't begrudge giving anyone a helping hand. The business that they build helps our economy.

As for wearing headscarves, I would NEVER say that a Jewish man shouldn't wear his tiny hat full of meaning ( I do know what it's call but I have no idea how to spell it - sorry), or that the Amish must have electricity, or that Christians can't wear a cross, so why do people insist on being so disrespectful to the muslims women?
ypoons On February 08, 2005

#8New Post! Feb 03, 2005 @ 22:32:31
Thank you for your responses. I agree that we should all respect peoples religions. What I dont agree with is that they are not dressing like the rest of the students.IF the school has no dress code, then dress the way you like. If you cannot dress like the rest, then you should home school them. We have seen the Ten Commandments removed from the school, I can accept that,I dont like it but accept it. I believe in order to respect others they should comply with the rules set forth at the school. I think we should learn about all religions . I also believe when you are a guest in another country you should try to respect the rules set in place.
jones On April 22, 2005

, New Zealand
#9New Post! Feb 04, 2005 @ 02:10:27
ummmm a guest in another country? If they are living there, schooling there, working there, surely it's not a holiday?

Personally I am of the belief that it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I would much rather live in a melting pot society than a tossed salad. Wouldn't you?
ypoons On February 08, 2005

#10New Post! Feb 04, 2005 @ 06:24:05
Yes guest was the wrong thing to say, I do like the fact that we are from different back grounds and ethnic make ups. That truly makes the world go round.
oog_the_caveman On December 07, 2005

OOG CAVE, Estonia
#11New Post! Feb 04, 2005 @ 07:00:21
clitcommander On June 04, 2005

#12New Post! Feb 04, 2005 @ 12:51:42
boys4pele - in regards to what you had said.

I totally agree with you on that point too; but jones took the words right out my mouth when he mentioned that your native home does help you out first, from the very time that you were born.

It's not like you ever had to worry about your school being blown up, constant war going on all around you, dodging bullets. I mean for f*** sucks which child should have had to experience that?? And not just children, any person.

and like jones said, while it doesn't seem fair sometimes; you would have wonder how some peoples groups would react if we DIDN'T help these ppl out!!?? think about it; if the government didn't even attempt to give them any support there would be plenty of uproar about it.

ypoons - once again that judgemental preaching tone is creeping out!!!

you said "If you cannot dress like the rest, then you should home school them"!!! come on man, what the f*** is that?? Jones and I had already mentinoed earlier, and what i thought was half the point of this thread, was that IT IS PART OF THEIR RELIGION THAT THEY MUST WEAR THESE GARMENTS AND THEREFORE SHOULD NOT BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST AT SCHOOL FOR NOT WEARING THE UNIFORM!!! despite the fact if there is a dress code or not.

and don't you think the reason that they are able to wear what they wear is because the school has obviously compromised on these rules to allow for it!!!!

and then you say "I believe in order to respect others they should comply with the rules set forth at the school".

as i mentioned above, it's obvious the school compromised on uniform rules, and for you to be saying that 'in order to RESPECT others they should comply with the rules..'??. where is OUR respect for them to wear their religious garments due to their beleifs??!?

it's just very contradicting what you have said there

and i also don't understand how the 10 commandments come into this?!?!?
clitcommander On June 04, 2005

#13New Post! Feb 08, 2005 @ 03:16:12
ypoons, where are you man??

i am eagerly awaiting to her your reply!!! i've been waiting for ages!!!!!

and i know you've been posting recently too, so what's up??

you started the discussion/debate and you've now just left the thread hanging!!??

there is nothing i LOVE MORE than a good evolutionist/creatitionist debate!! f***ing love it!!! like really f***ing love it, one of my favourite topics!!!!

come out, come out, wherever you are.....
boys4pele On November 11, 2009

Meridian, Mississippi
#14New Post! Feb 08, 2005 @ 04:29:56
This is true I agree ... this is way I like the nice people here on this site.... you can give and receive opinions without a big ruckus..!!! There are other things here in America I do not agree with....I could go into them but I may start something not nice. Like the whole gay issues here.... which alot of people have so many opinions and I am not the one to be all up in someones face...about it..IT is my own choice and I do respect each and every other person in the world not matter what they do.....except murderers and child molesters...I DO NOT LIKE THEM<...My biggest thing now is I want lower car insurance..but you have to be married or be 25 i am neither.... SO i will bring this up... do you think gays should be equal in the marriage situation...????ALL opinions are cool negative or whatever...( i think marriage may not be the best thing One day it would be cool...but i wish i could have lower car insurance for being the person of my choice...I am not a real big GAY rights activist...(maybe I should be) BUT i respect everyone.
jones On April 22, 2005

, New Zealand
#15New Post! Feb 08, 2005 @ 09:23:24
I absofreakinlutely think gays should have every right to be married and have the same rights as heterosexuals when it comes to marriage, or in anything for that matter. I truly do not understand why people get so up in arms about this issue. Give me one GOOD reason why every person on this earth should have the right to live in marriage taken away from them. Why is it that people get so mad at the thought of two men getting it on? I mean really! It doesn't float my boat, but why should that mean they shouldn't do it? I just can't belive the shallow mindedness of some people.
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