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i have a curious problem - battery acid has burned my car's roof

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ntvrman On May 06, 2011

London, United Kingdom
#1New Post! May 05, 2011 @ 21:50:52
A few years ago i bought a car from a salvage yard, but unfortunately the roof had been splattered by an exploding car battery. I tried rubbing the surface as repainting, but it keeps eating through the paint. What i would like to know is there any product that i can use, once i've rubbed all the paint off again, to stop this happening again.
I was thinking of possibly a zinc paint coating - but dont want to end up with it happening again if that wouldn't work.

Any helpful suggestions would be greatfully received.

Leon On June 21, 2020

San Diego, California
#2New Post! May 05, 2011 @ 21:55:12
If there is such a thing as an acid resistant paint, that might be your solution (provided it mean for cars).

Hey, seperate question for late nineties year Civic owners. Why are all the ones in dark green losing their paint jobs on the top? Did Honda choose a really crappy paint for this?
SparklyKatie On March 07, 2014

Sheffield, United Kingdom
#3New Post! May 05, 2011 @ 22:16:55

Something alkali will neutralise the acid surely?
Willi On August 21, 2018

#4New Post! May 05, 2011 @ 22:27:06
baking soda and water
Leon On June 21, 2020

San Diego, California
#5New Post! May 05, 2011 @ 22:28:11
@Willi Said

baking soda and water

Lol, of course. A base. Might explode if there is too much acid though lmao.
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