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how would you post a video to facebook watch with your profile?

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JosephAsimeng On September 07, 2021

Bronx, New York
#1New Post! Jun 25, 2021 @ 21:37:44
aside from looking it up online, since i tried to that i couldn't get any good results, in my opinion, no hurtful comments allowed. tell me how you would do it in the comment section below
Na On about 8 hours ago

, Florida
#2New Post! Jun 26, 2021 @ 00:02:52
Hello there friend. You have limited options for posting video here. They encourage you to attach YouTube videos. I don’t think that answers your question but I was a little foggy on exactly what you’re asking for. If you are wanting to embed a Facebook video Here, That’s not gonna be easy. They may have even locked it down.

If your question is more about Facebook then you’re in luck because Facebook does offer solutions about which file types can be uploaded. MP4 file is the most common that I use for uploading to Facebook. I’m hoping that you respond to this because I will be curious to see what it is you would like to accomplish. I recommend that you dig More. Keep digging sometimes we give up too easy
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