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how to continue a teenage girl healthy and happy with her choiec

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nasrinnafiz On October 20, 2014

Dhaka, Bangladesh
#1New Post! Jul 18, 2014 @ 12:08:29
teen ages every steps doing wrong,love,imitation,
Corey On January 25, 2022

Sacramento, California
#2New Post! Jul 19, 2014 @ 09:40:09
Teenage years can be very difficult. Young people often make mistakes, and need constant care and guidance to raise them to be responsible adults. What specific problems are you handling now with your child?

Electric_Banana On November 05, 2022

, New Zealand
#3New Post! Jul 19, 2014 @ 09:58:06
The old story of Pandora's Box was about a father warning his child not to go looking for the contents inside which contained philosophy, speculations and conspiracy notions regarding higher meaning and alternative realities.

Unfortunately also inside Pandora's Box was the intellect we all need to become more aware of our choices and how they might affect us in the future.

For instance narcotics:

Could possibly be prototypes for anti-psychotics that failed but the formulas got loose to the public.

What is so important about the brain? Why do people feel it is easy damage?

What are the end results of not trusting yourself to have fair and rational decision making abilities in the future?

Organized religions attempt to open Pandora's Box slowly but they tend to only focus on one content within it.

Also those seeking political control often do so through organized religion organizations.

So how can you get your daughter to begin 'thinking' more without frightening her or submitting her to possible political brainwashing?

I would engage her in conversations concerning events in the news (not concerns with her which she'll naturally rebel) and ask her "If you were in this situation what idea can you come up with to help these people?"

Debate friendly with her and keep talking to her once a day about the news.

She'll start to slowly exercise critical thinking allowing intellect to flow easier.
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