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am i playing a game? or pushing him away? what?

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liindsey On September 15, 2009

, Texas
#1New Post! Jan 04, 2007 @ 07:29:18
ok. I REALLY dont know what my problem is. I'm like, practically in love with this guy, and all I do is say, "oh, you should go out with her", or "oh you'd be perfect with her." And I told my friend and she told me to just stop. but i cant. I always tell him who to be with, but i want to be with me. I told him that to his face. and yet, I keep doing it. and to make it better, he's one of my really good friends. why am i doing this? why am i pushing him away?
treebee On April 13, 2015
Government Hooker


London, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Jan 04, 2007 @ 08:09:00
Maybe you are confused, you can love your freinds very much too. Maybe you dont feel good enough for him. I remember being your age and saying things i really wish i didnt, but i would blurt them out like a person possessed

Before you say something to him, take a deep breath and think about what you are about to say.
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