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abnormally fast metabolism

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Rosemary On May 13, 2023

Berkeley, California
#1New Post! May 09, 2023 @ 09:56:20
I am in my early thirties. I was born with an abnormally fast metabolism. I know some people think they want that but it is a curse not a blessing - believe me.

It didn't bother me when I was a little girl but I remember people commenting on how much I ate.

In high school I noticed it more and in college I became self conscious and even a little worried. I ate so much more than everyone else and everyone thought it was weird.

I did a lot of athletics in college and I ate around 7500 calories a day. People would ask all kinds of questions and some people thought I had an eating disorder. It was really annoying. I talked to our team doctor and a sports nutritionist about it but no cause was found - the same as with my family doctor growing up.

No doctor has found a specific reason for my metabolism. I have seen several doctors about this. I am interested if anyone has heard of this or knows where I can go.

One thing people used to say is that one day my metabolism would slow down. It probably has a little, but not very much. I still eat 5500 to 6000 calories a day and if I do any sports or anything strenuous my appetite pops right back up to college levels.

I have learned to accept this as how I am and I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but sometimes it still does.

I carry snacks with me everywhere but sometimes I get in a situation where I get extremely hungry but I can't eat without drawing attention or just being rude - like stay with a friend and eating everything for dinner and then being hungry a few hours later.

I find this annoying and embarrassing. I have seen the doctor and I know my metabolism is sort of abnormal. I hate feeling my stomach getting hungry at a bad time. I can't help it or stop it. It makes me feel weird and abnormal. I don't want everyone talking about it or thinking I am a freak. I am just HUNGRY and I need to eat.

I know they're not trying to be mean at all. It doesn't bother me as much as before but it still brings back memories of awkwardness and feeling somewhat abnormal.

I still want to find a cause of my metabolism and I would like to know if anyone else has this problem. There have been much more embarrassing times in the past but this still bothers me. I don't also know how to handle the situation.
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