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Windows 7 won't sleep because of linux?

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eternalstudent On August 29, 2011

, Colorado
#1New Post! May 23, 2011 @ 16:39:41
Hello world,

So I have an HP that came with windows7. I decided that I would give Linux a try since I am quite curious about how it works, so I installed Debian Squeeze onto a new partition of my hard drive. Both OS run just fine, except now windows 7 refuses to sleep. Not a major problem, but irritating nonetheless. I checked the powercfg, made sure no adapters or devices are set to wake the computer. But the computer stays on, and a second after the monitor goes black, it turns right back on as well.

Again, not a huge problem, but irritating. Does anyone else have this problem? Could it have anything to do with GRUB? I'm so confused...
tehnicaorg On December 20, 2011

Timisoara, Romania
#2New Post! Dec 20, 2011 @ 20:26:28

I know it's old but google found your post...

It seems Windows doesn't like that it's partition is no longer set active (I haven't installed Grub in MBR, instead I've installed it on the Linux partition and set that partition active). In this configuration Windows wouldn't sleep. If I disabled hybrid sleep (keeping 'normal' sleep) Windows went to sleep but it won't wake up on receiving the magic packet on LAN (WOL).
After I set the Windows partition active again (and this was the only modification) Windows behaved OK. I'll probably try to install Grub on MBR to see if this fixes the bug.

Best regards.
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