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What was your opinion on Anna Nicole Smith?

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Sportsfan1995 On April 03, 2023

, Massachusetts
#1New Post! Apr 03, 2023 @ 00:21:12
I watched the 20/20 documentary on her called "Tragic Beauty" on YouTube and really kind of felt bad about how the last few years of her life was with being married to that jerk lawyer who exploited her and didn't care about her drug addiction. Then the final straw was the death of her son.

I know everyone probably had a mixed opinion on her because she married that 90 year old Oil Tycoon back in the 90s in which people thought she was a gold digger.

But I consider her the modern day Marilyn Monroe who hung out with the wrong type of people in life Sad

I don't get too emotional about celebrity deaths but she was one of the rare cases as I still remember that day seeing the news she tragically passed away at only 39
Electric_Banana On September 26, 2023

, New Zealand
#2New Post! Apr 05, 2023 @ 23:40:15
She was a bot.

But having said that the only thing that truly matters is that she was loyal to her friends and romantic partners.

At the end of the day we're only here to experience other life around us, otherwise none of this is necessary.

Bots are probably more loyal than those confused by their complex sentience; attempting to override their vessel's natural desires and impulses.
That is if the mind map of said bot was designed to be loyal and pop culture media hasn't re-programmed it.
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