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Watching TV online abroad

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kerrynjm On July 07, 2008

Heswall, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Jul 06, 2008 @ 20:42:37
I have downloaded SoftwareGang Web TV (software), and assumed I'd be able to access any site to watch TV online. I am still unable to do this. Am I looking at the wrong sites, or have I not been successful in downloading? I also have RealPlayer and QuickTime player. What else do I need to do? I thought I could view a UK based site....hmmm
tuepea On July 19, 2008

Altona, New York
#2New Post! Jul 19, 2008 @ 17:06:59
WoW! No buddy has answered you yet! I will! First you have a use less app,
only works if you have a supcription to the tv source on line. And if you do
have a subscription to the web site that has the tv shows you don't need the
app. Think about what you want to do and as to what you have at home for tv
service. As for me I have directv, and use a diferrent system on my computer
to get what you are speaking of, wish I could tell you the name of what I'm
using, but that's a no no here in this forum site. Here's the scope! All tv
broadcasts that can be received, goes to a centrall lacation via satelite, and
from there is sent back out according to zones. So if you live in zone one, you
will not receive from zone two, and visaversy. But with this I got, I can get
transmissions from anywhere in the world and record and edit the same if I
wish so. And this device can be gotten on line for free. Plus, you would not
beleif half of what the government does not let you see, especilly if you are in
zone one, as I am! I come from zone two, and in zone two, nothing is blanked
or bleeped, as it is for zone one, that I now live in. What a big difference!
Email me for more info if interested in knowing more.
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