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Update on Jonah bone box

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ThePainefulTruth On May 06, 2013
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Peoria, Arizona
#1New Post! Apr 12, 2012 @ 14:38:27
For those interested in the ossuary controversy and the theoretical Jesus Tomb, there's new information on the ossuary (bone box) in the neighboring tomb (?of Joseph of Arimathea?). The leading theory that a symbol on the "honored" ossuary in that tomb represents Jonah being spit out of a big fish, has just received a boost from an epigraphic scholar that the word for Jonah in Hebrew is included as part of the stick figure of Jonah. .

Resistance remains high is some quarters given the implications regarding Jesus' physical resurrection, but I think this is a major blow to the physical resurrection apologists. The issue revolves around the figure of an apparent fish spitting out a man, and Jesus prophesying that his fate would be associated with the "Sign of Jonah". The evidence indicates that his followers and family didn't believe he was physically resurrected.
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