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UK General election, 2017

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shadowen On June 15, 2020

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1New Post! Apr 19, 2017 @ 16:32:15
Interested in the thoughts of UK residents re the upcoming elections to be held on 8 June 2017. For example, what do you believe will be the defining issues, who will win and why etc etc etc...
shadowen On June 15, 2020

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#2New Post! Apr 19, 2017 @ 16:49:27
Just how important will issues associated with Brexit be? Will it be a landslide win for the Tories?
Jennifer1984 On 47 minutes ago
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#3New Post! Apr 20, 2017 @ 04:28:18
Will there be issues associated with brexit..? Sheesh, IT'S ALL ABOUT BREXIT..!!

Teresa May has gone for a cut and run election. Some say she has panicked while the official Tory line is that it's all about establishing a better working majority in Parliament to strengthen her hand in negotiations with the EU during the Brexit process, and to deal with domestic issues.

The opinion polls are in her favour at this time and that's probably the reason why she's going for it now. Frankly, it's not going to get any better so it could be a case of "Now, while things are as good as they're going to get".

The opposition parties are still in a trough. Labour have issues with a hard-left leadership that is unpopular with the public and unlikely to win. The Liberal Democrats are only just starting to recover from the loss of public confidence after the coalition debacle.

As for a Tory landslide, well, that's what she's hoping for and the likelihood is that she will get a bigger majority in the Commons than she has now, but a landslide..? British pundits such as Andrew Neal and Andrew Marr are saying that is unlikely as things stand.

Early comments being taken on the streets indicate that the public are starting to notice the effects of growing inflation on their weekly shopping basket and as people are receiving their pension plan updates, they're also noticing the decline in their investments.

The drop in the value of the pound is also making itself felt as people start to look forward to their summer holidays. Prices are rising while investments and the value of the pound in our pocket are falling. Not a good combination for a government to take into an election.

Little by little, the pre-referendum warnings about Brexit (dismissed at the time as "scaremongering" ) are starting to make themselves shown and whilst there will still be a post-referendum buzz among hard line Brexiters, the broader feeling is that there is a slowly growing groundswell of feeling among some who voted to leave, that they might have made a mistake.

May wants a "Hard Brexit" and with the make-up of the Commons as it is, that would be fought tooth-and-nail in Parliament. Add to this the headache of Gibraltar (The Spanish will have a veto any agreement that UK comes to with the EU and have hinted they would be prepared to use it) and a determined, resolute and tenacious Nicola Sturgeon snapping at her heels in Scotland, the Prime Minister wants.... NEEDS... a vote of confidence from the people.

She needs a stronger political mandate not just to take to Europe, but also to silence dissent in her own party, which is deeply divided at this time.

I just hope the opposition parties are capable of making an effective argument for change because we need it.
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