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Trump is NOT welcome here

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Jennifer1984 On July 20, 2022
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 05:28:24
There is growing fury here at the proposed State Visit by President Trump.

Our toadying, lickspittle Prime Minister has invited this odious, repulsive man over and intends to afford him full ceremonial honours. The decision has sparked mass demonstrations all over the country.

The official government website, U Gov, has a public petition facility and states that any petition that gathers 100'000 signatures will be considered for debate in Parliament. The petition demanding that Trump be denied entry into Great Britain has gathered 1.5 million signatures (and counting) in less than 24 hours.

Despite this clear and unmistakable signal from the people, the Home Secretary commented last night that this issue will not be debated in the house. Teresa May said last night that she will be "Very happy" to welcome Trump on behalf of the Queen.

A large and angry (but peaceful) crowd gathered in Whitehall last night

NO to Trump visit

and anger is increasingly being directed personally at Teresa May who is already losing popularity for the way she is cosying up to the President. We've seen this before. This is Blair/Bush all over again. We suffered too much from getting too close to an American President in the last decade. You'd think our politicians would have learned from that.

Trumps racist policies are not what we stand for. We don't agree with them and we do not want to hand Trump the propaganda coup of being formally received by Her Majesty.

Trump is a reviled, racist, neo-fascist and he isn't wanted here. And as one Jewish protester said on her placard in Whitehall last night: "Anne Frank could have been an 87-year-old living in Boston today but she was denied a Visa."

The thought that the Queen might have to shake hands with this repugnant man, and afford him the dignity of full ceremonial honours is not what the British people want. If I were her, I'd meet him with a peg on my nose.

We don't want the global image of our gracious sovereign majesty being blighted by association with this disgusting individual.

He should stay put behind his wall.

Don't come here, Mr President. You're not welcome.
twilitezone911 On March 25, 2019

Saint Louis, Missouri
#2New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 06:41:49
you, England, your been our friend for a long time. the good and bad times, you share in our past and our present. we, the united states, want you to suffer like we do. we want give you to the best from us. ready or not, England!

bozo the clown coming to your town!
Draco On August 28, 2017

In the imaginary city that is
#3New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 06:50:18
I never thought a country like USA will feel what we South Africans felt for several years.

It touches you to see how your countries economy, safety, health services, education etc starts deteriorating.

I feel your pain and hope it is not the start of a slippery slope.
Mankysparrow On April 26, 2017

London, United Kingdom
#4New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 08:49:10
I signed the petition,for what good it did. our country's have blood on their hands , we all started the ball rolling when we went into Iraq, I for one was out in the street with my placard, not in my name, they didn't listen to the people then and they still don't listen. it makes me sick when idiots tell people to go back to where they came from, go back to what ? it's all distroyed.

power to the people is just a dream.
mrmhead On about 15 hours ago

NE, Ohio
#5New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 15:03:36
From a different article:

Former foreign secretary William Hague said the Queen would take a state visit "in her stride", saying she had in the past hosted "tyrants" such as Romania's former leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, and would cope "effortlessly" with a "brash billionaire from New York".

Gotta love it!

A petition calling for the state visit to be cancelled has gathered more than 1.6 million signatures. A rival pro-visit petition has more than 90,000.

Didn't get the popular vote their either - Must be Petition Fraud!
chaski On September 23, 2022

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#6New Post! Jan 31, 2017 @ 17:08:25
I think that those of you in the UK should support Trump visiting the UK.

Then line the streets with protesters so he gets the message.

As a result, he'll go off on one of his twitter tantrums and declare that the UK welcomed him with open and loving arms...all the while the world would see that Trump is really living in a state of extreme delusion.

If enough countries around the world do this sort of thing, we might all get lucky and he might become so distraught that the men in white coats have to take him away.

A million+ Brits lining the streets of England from the airport (whichever one he lands at) to & through London to Buckingham Palace...all day everyday that he is in the UK would be more valuable and have a greater world wide impact than any petition, which probably won't work.

Attempting to block his entry into the UK is a wasted effort.
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