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Things you can get for free, or almost free....

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Drgnfly83 On September 02, 2014

, Virginia
#1New Post! Aug 09, 2012 @ 16:42:17
Business Cards:
VistaPrint is an online printing company that offers 250 free business cards that are actually good quality. Visit their site, make your cards, and pay 5 dollars for shipping and handling. (I said ALMOST free)

Expert Computer Help:
Submit a question to protonic and you will get an answer emailed to you by people that volunteer.

Spanish Lessons: Want to get weekly emails from a teacher with lessons to teach you how to speak the basic Spanish? Also offered through this site is French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and Mandarin Chinese. BBC is on a mission to enrich peoples lives with education. Visit them at BBC

Credit Report:
Every year, everyone is entitled to one credit report from three of the major credit bureaus, free of charge. Go to Credit Reports Free and select to see your credit report for free. There are other options with the free credit report, that do cost money, so be cautious when trying to get your credit report.

Radio Services:
Pandora and Slacker are two music streaming places you can check out to get streaming free music. Slacker Pandora

Gently Used Stuff:
At Freecycle you can take a look at other people's gently used things that they no longer want. It is a nonprofit movement area for people that are committed to helping others by reusing goods. If you take, you must give back...such a neat idea.

There are so many other ideas....go check some of the other things out.

Almost Free Stuff
someone_else On August 30, 2012
Not a dude.


American Alps, Washington
#2New Post! Aug 09, 2012 @ 17:06:59
Thank you for this information, I love free (or almost free) stuff!

I knew about quite a few of these but I'm quite interested in the BBC language program. Will have to see how that works out.
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