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The Rather Hilarious Tale of the Trojan Virus

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sketchlord123 On July 14, 2013

, Indiana
#1New Post! Jul 09, 2012 @ 14:45:51
I once had this wireless computer, of which I used a lot. I was on this one safe site, Norton said it was safe, and then like, a trojan popped up one day. "lol ur compotar is infected with trojans use ourr viruz prograam" and I was like "Haha", so I went with the trojan just to see where it was going, and apparently, it showed the amount of Trojans in my hard drive [Still fake!], and it said it was in my PC Game, Hitman 2, LOL, I couldn't believe how much this person failed. I got it fixed soon enough, but LOL, It was funny how much they failed. It said that I had like




It was so funny how they failed at it. There's always a way to tell if its fake! xD
sketchlord123 On July 14, 2013

, Indiana
#2New Post! Jul 09, 2012 @ 14:47:08
...When the smiley face popped up, it was supposed to be the disk drive name, so "D" ":" by each other. The ":" and " )" next to each other made , so disregard that please ..
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