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The Light We Savor

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LiquidifcationOfSelf On February 09, 2020

, North Dakota
#1New Post! Jun 15, 2019 @ 00:11:59
Chaos, and a maelstrom of atomic explosions resulting in the inevitable destruction of the homo' sapien race is where am currently at. Well, as I'm sitting here appetizing my final rations as I think of various "solutions" an oxymoron itself since their all inept. I have no marker of the current, the overmanacing power of sub-atomic blast making me forget much of what I know. At times I swear I feel the ground shaking at times, does humanity still wish to elimate itself after the devoultion of all governments, societies and infrastructure? I refuse to see the mystique of humanity's stochastic terrorism and any shadows imprinted on the ground left. Yet, my opinions are only simply what they are worth now, undivulged pleasures which will never come to fuliatation other than one. There is a dead corpse which has decomposed almost completely now, with a mostly intact pair of clothes. I will never know if my pre-war insanity killed him, or by means I wish to never understand as I can only scramble for evidence, with there being no light.

"Population, and various conclusive estimates put my prediction for the human species to have been reduced to 800 or less." You said, you mentioned the introduction of new universe by splitting the atom, a useless dive into romanticism, irrationality your new primary function and devulagence from reality which constantly stains you. Various light I see at times reminds me of fireworks, celebration of a dead world, others remind me the abundance of biomass formerly in nature. It's not longer torture and improbability for the human brain, but rather a stable condition compared to the outside world. Each day food gets more scarce for me, and the concrete I sleep becomes ever so more intense with flame, so much so the flame no longer allows me to permanent black, but rather induced gray field.
"Walk down to the beach at sunset.
Look as far as you can see.
You will find that endless ocean.
And that's how my love will always be."
My only response was to convince you to stop singing those damn lyrics.

It's July 21, 2011 in Idaho, I remember jumping into a Ford 150 XLT, all four-hundred and eleven horsepower. I remember seeing various BMW 430IL's that day, with my mind pondering the BMW somehow having all that horsepower. I never killed the deer, a friend with a m40a3 did, and I remember bagging it. I wrapped the intact clothing from the corpse, forming a makeshift sled to carry the remaining food and water I have, with practical nothing else than a cane I scrounge around and found, and which I half-assedly sharpened. This wasn't for actual living encounters, rather a way to open remaining contents which may be sealed. I uppertly paused, I pondered the idea for awhile and various outcomes came back to me. Would I be forced to kill a human? Is there even a surface left to walk on? How much has my physical state degenerated from, questions in which I will never learn up until I have to. But the crude practice of possibly mutualiating a fellow human in a dying species stunned me.

It seemed that time itself from my ascension into the surface was never ending, but when I was there, the past never seemed ever more momentary. I was just standing there, I swear completely burning from what seems an amplified sun, the light itself caused the edges of my mind to slowly pulsate around stochastic pines and wrapping branches, I start to see color, but I think I heard it before I had any indication of it's revival. The concept of seasons didn't even appear to me until after I descended. For a brief moment, I saw the sky as water, and other parts of consciousness filled the void. Life seemed simplistic in those moments, I couldn't properly express myself, but it's simple nature was smooth and perpetually flowing. All concerns to me was washed, but yet I felt heat. There was a figure near my feet, a lighter. An item with essentially universal powers, I was no longer bound to human limitations. At last, a source of light which I can divulge in my de escalation.

Despite the award, my body was physically exhausted from the combined forces of an indescribable heat, and the deaccumulation of physical exercise. I remember brief glimpses of the world above, there was nothing left other than physical land to walk and sometimes stumps of trees. Yet I felt an odd sensation, im slowly starting to feel an increased pressure in my body, however I can determine this is most likely to the sheer amount of runner's high and dopamine I most likely have right now. The heat never subsided from my skin, for it seems the experience was locked within my body forever. I opened my lighter, flicked it and it became a metaphysical life substance of its own. All this sensation and im hungry, I look over to glimpse the attempt to replicate a spear, realizing what it could become. Cooked food, for the first since when? "My god, you don't even understand the significance of this, do you?." I asked, and in that moment I heard a reply.

I blanked out for awhile, there was this burning sensation it must of not been any longer than a minute, for the first time I looked at the sureallity of my situation, my beloved home was burning. Parts of the fire to captive to my collar, I was able to extinguish it with my remaining water, there was only one way to save myself. I was coughing hard, tree roots became heads, and the picture of mankind itself dilated, with numbers flashing stabbing at the topic at near human destruction. The sound of a m40a3 firing off at various pitches, the crackling was beyond loud. I made it out, only to lay down in relief as I would die in a few minutes, and there was no need to struggle anymore.

(Be respectful of others, or use constructive criticism as a cover for unrespectful conduct, which I prefer)
chaski On about 3 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#2New Post! Jun 15, 2019 @ 03:02:30
I feel like you have posted this twice.

Maybe I am wrong.

But... regardless of that... I don't feel like Chaos, and a maelstrom of atomic explosions resulting in the inevitable destruction of the homo' sapien race is where am currently at... is a "hook" that would draw me into a story... a book...

I feel like there needs to be something else to draw me in... make me want to take the bait... then... as I ponder the "story" you then drop something that is (metaphorically) you setting the hook... thus "making" me want to continue to read your story... your idea... your prose... your poetry...

I need for you to give me a little taste... a piece of gourmet flavor that results in my reading on and on....

There is more to "it".... but I (Chaski) need for you to "give" me more to draw me in...

Side note: "Good" stories are probably a "dime a dozen". What makes a story truly good... or great... it the ending... the closure. But 1st you need to draw "me" in... keep my attention, which is easier... then close with something memorable... something that I walk away with... something that I might never let got.

You have the tools... but you need to develop them.
chaski On about 3 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#3New Post! Jun 15, 2019 @ 03:08:36
"I am wading deep waters, trying to get home.... Lord I am wading deep waters trying to get home... wading deep water trying to get home..."

"You" now have my attention...

...set the hook... the line...

...then haul me in...

...then cook a good dinner that we both savor.
chaski On about 3 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#5New Post! Jun 15, 2019 @ 03:17:35
Sorry... I am now being verbose... but it is what I do...

You can't judge a book by its cover.

Similarly, you can not judge a book by its first lines. However, its first lines can either draw you into the tale or leave you feeling dissatisfied.

Of course you have to continue, throughout the... your... writing to keep "me"..."us" engaged...

You give... take... withhold... guide... misdirect... (all dependent on the type of writing; mystery is different from documentary, etc...)

I "need" for you to draw me in.... keep me... confuse me... clarify me...then finally explains me...



blah blah blah
chaski On about 3 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#7New Post! Jun 15, 2019 @ 03:52:40

Sorry.. there seem to be a flaw in our posting... I can't see your response.... perhaps later...

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