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The Hillsborough Disaster 1989 - Inquest Verdict Due Today

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Jennifer1984 On September 16, 2021
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Apr 26, 2016 @ 04:29:35
The Hillsborough Inquest jury will deliver their verdict today.

It is believed that there have been unanimous verdicts on the majority of the issues relating to that terrible disaster, but on the issue of Unlawful Killing, it is believed that the Coroner will accept a majority verdict after being informed that the jury was unable to achieve unanimity.

Proceedings will begin later than usual today so that relatives of the deceased will have time to be in place before the verdicts are read out.

Nobody wanted the Police to be unfairly pilloried or individuals to be scapegoated over this. But awful mistakes were made, the police response to the situation at all stages was incompetent to say the least and senior officers and officials told the most dreadful lies to cover their own backs in the aftermath. The original inquest was a whitewash and it is only due to the persistence and indefatigable pursuit of the truth by the families of those who were killed that this second inquest has happened at all. South Yorkshire Police did everything they could to prevent the second inquest ever happening. Shame on them.

But men like Trevor Hicks, who lost two daughters in the tragedy and Anne Williams, who died three years ago and so will never see justice done for her son, wouldn't quit. They never gave up the fight for justice and forced the Government to order the verdict of Accidental Death from the first inquest to be quashed, and a second inquest to take place.

That second inquest comes to a conclusion today and whatever the outcome all I hope is that those sadly bereaved families will find justice for the loved ones and peace for themselves.

The truth, no matter how painful, must always come out in the end.

Justice for the 96.
LordGnome On February 24, 2017

Dayn Sayth, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Apr 27, 2016 @ 14:05:52
Well you have got your wish. the verdict was unlawful killing and now hopefully those responsible will be charged with crimes ranging from perjury to perverting the course of justice. that and corporate manslaughter, misconduct in public office or even just being monumentally stupid people who werent fit to call themselves policemen.

i think we all stand shoulder to shoulder with the hillsborough families. their suffering has been palpable throughout the whole saga but they have held their heads high and shown great dignity. they deserve closure and they deserve justice for their lvoed ones. i hope they get it.
Leez On May 07, 2017


, United Kingdom
#3New Post! Apr 30, 2016 @ 00:21:31
If 96 police officers would have been killed on that day, I wonder how many fans would have been made responsible for their death.

I agree that the police may have failed the public on that day. But, how about those directly or in directly responsible to pushing those in front of the crowds ?

It would be only fair to see both sides than blaming only those who lacked judgement and skills to perform their duties. The responsibility is shared. The truth needs to come out on both sides.
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