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darkman666 On about 2 hours ago

Saint Louis, Missouri
#106New Post! Jul 26, 2020 @ 01:22:10
@JorieJukebox Said

Hiya! It was (mostly) great to read through everyone's catch-ups!
I hope everyone is doing well in all this craziness! I thought I might have to move back to my Mom's for a hot minute there. I am currently unemployed because I quit my job right before all this happened. It was a toxic place, and the last straw was getting hurt. Had a huge bucket of boiling water splash up onto my face and down my chest. Yeah, do NOT recommend THAT! Thankfully, I've healed well from that. ALSO, VERY thankfully, the trick I had up my sleeve in the shape of a 401k was a LOT bigger than I thought. WHEW! Sucks I had to tap it, but HOLY... I thought it MIGHT be a shovel or two full to throw in the huge hole of late bills... I got ahead AND splurged quite a but on things I've been wanting, and spoiled the boy a bit...
Landed a temporary marine security gig. I'm getting paid to be out on the water, on Squaxin Island, my Tribe's original site. After WEEKS of being mostly stuck in the house, THAT was quite therapeutic, to say the LEAST. And getting paid for that is pretty cool, too!
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! It was great seeing y'all!
OH, AND I've got 2 years, 4 months and 1 week sober!

welcome back!

i have been twilitezone911 for awhile on the forum. i changed my email address a years ago, the forum make change my usename: darkman666.

congratulation being sober. it must be hard for you, i never drink or smoke. i never believed in either them to run away from my problems. that only i never believed that drugs, smoking, or drinking would solve them.

when i finally moved from my mom at 28, my brother told me the best explanation
my relationship with my mom. we were two old marriage people couldn't stand each others. after i moved out from my mom, our relationship got better, before she died.

i found that patient is a viral, that i learned being a butcher 34 years. i have been retired for eleven years. good luck!
JuanSmith On about 6 hours ago
Shilsh-Aash yatasay

Near Eucalyptus Trees, Califor
#107New Post! Jul 27, 2020 @ 06:36:06
I've been meaning to come back and simply chat in a non Facebook-debate-about-everything type of manner. Seems this pandemic has brought out the toxicity in many. including me....

Hope everyone's staying as safe as they can.
JuanSmith On about 6 hours ago
Shilsh-Aash yatasay

Near Eucalyptus Trees, Califor
#109New Post! Aug 04, 2020 @ 05:00:48
I just went through friends lists and noticed many deleted their profiles..

did people simply get bored of boredom not being an option?

I wonder how we could attract more active members.
darkman666 On about 2 hours ago

Saint Louis, Missouri
#110New Post! about 15 hours ago
i personally was attracted to the form almost ten years ago, when i was twilitezone911. the forum games were big attraction back then. the forum games - a start to bring new members.
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