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Symbolic dream?

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davejey On March 07, 2018

Wellington, New Zealand
#1New Post! Aug 09, 2009 @ 06:37:42
Some dreams seem to be your brain getting de-fragged, and then just tidying the filing cabinet, then one's desires and wishes, but occasionally you get a dream that you guess is symbolic, your lower self trying to communicate with the material he has available and then sometimes you wonder wherever did that one come from??
Well last night I think it was a symbolic one. I was walking along minding my own business, as you do, when a ball is thrown in my direction from someone I obviously knew (couldnt say I did actually) I expertly trapped it under my foot and booted it back. He next throws a square looking ball at my head and I just managed to dodge it. Picking it up I discover it is made of wood and shout ' That could of hurt! ' so threw it hard back but it missed him and hit the guy behind him on the head. These guys were both much taller than me(take note); but I go over to them and see the damage I had done, it looked quite painful, a bad cut on the forehead and what will be a black eye. This was not a dull sort of dream, it was coloured and in sharp focus with detail. I apologise, and wonder if there was going to be a retaliation but the guy was quite passive. And I just slowly came awake wondering if there is a message for me. Still wondering about it.
[ps Sorry El Tino, about pasteing but I need to work off line, as I am running outta usage time.]
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