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Suicide end of "life" does it seem normal?

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hartytarty On March 01, 2009

chester, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 22:49:25
For those who are a bit down and feel "different" from other ways of thinking..... how normal do you perceive the end of life as "most" of the other people do? (weird question but some people might find this "normal" )
sugarflyguy On March 15, 2010


Leaving TFS today:), United Ki
#2New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 22:54:28
You have really got to stop thinking negative
Stigma On February 13, 2010
zombie vomit


, New Hampshire
#3New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 22:56:15
I sent you a couple of PMs, did you get them?
Lili On July 12, 2019

Sunshine Land,
#4New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:04:06
you seem very concerned with whether people think you're normal or not...
Carreragt2 On June 15, 2009


, Canada
#5New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:14:41
I don't understand the question, or the point of debate.
end of what life human or all life?
Normal? are you saying logically or how it could be abnormal conditions like a hurricane.

did that make sense?
I do that sometimes too.
hartytarty On March 01, 2009

chester, United Kingdom
#6New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:22:12
I meant how it might be perceived as "abnormal" by the vast majority and normal by others thats all...
Big_Chief On March 04, 2009


Cardiff, United Kingdom
#7New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:28:55
i hear yeah buddy

personaly theres a few mother f***ers id wanna take with me , couldnt hurt the people who appear to care about me though and even if they werent there i would give my life to others by spendin it voluntearing and s***.

Or go mad and be a criminal and go out in a blaze of bullits, i personaly like the rush of being different sometimes guess im just a bit crazy or stupid

but hope you do what makes you happy or others happy i mean why not?
Lili On July 12, 2019

Sunshine Land,
#8New Post! Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:33:11
Are you asking if thoughts of suicide are normal? It's normal for someone who is seriously depressed, and not normal for someone who isn't. If you are having thoughts of suicide, it means you need to speak with someone who can help you figure out why you are feeling that way, and what the best plan is for you to feel better, to help you feel what is "normal" for YOU.

I used to be very concerned with the concept of being "normal", and thinking that I was flawed because I wasn't "normal" due to not having had been raised in a "normal" household. But I've come to realize that normal has a very broad definition which encompasses many vastly different personalities and lifestyles. And everyone has issues which means that all parents have issues, which means that all children have issues with their parents, lol, in other words, there is no "normal" childhood. In fact, the "ideal" childhood with wonderful parents is rather rare, rather "abnormal" lol. I like to think of people's personalities as a sort of geographic terrain...some people have mountains where others have valleys, we're all a little different, we all have our skills and our shortcomings. There is very little that the "vast majority" of people will agree on, very very little indeed. There are just too many different perspectives, too many variations in life experiences for people to act as one giant mass of "normal" like that, it just doesn't happen.
ReAdSaLoT On September 23, 2019

#9New Post! Feb 19, 2009 @ 00:25:26
People thinking of suicide are not a bit blue (that passes) they are clinically depressed. There are normal things that people do when thinking about suicide, but thoughts of suicide is not healthy.
From the Medical Web
Warning signs that an individual is imminently planning to kill themselves may include the person making a will, getting his or her affairs in order, suddenly visiting friends or family members (one last time), buying instruments of suicide like a gun, hose, rope or medications, a sudden and significant decline or improvement in mood, or writing a suicide note. Contrary to popular belief, many people who complete suicide do not tell any mental-health professional they plan to kill themselves in the months before they do so. If they communicate their plan to anyone, it is more likely to be someone with whom they are personally close, like a friend or family member.

Individuals who take their lives tend to suffer from severe anxiety, symptoms of which may include moderate alcohol abuse, insomnia, severe agitation, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy (anhedonia), hopelessness, and persistent thoughts about the possibility of something bad happening. Since suicidal behaviors are often quite impulsive, removing firearms, medications, knives, and other instruments people often use to kill themselves can allow the individual time to think more clearly and perhaps choose a more rational way of coping with their pain.

This is only information; if you care so much about what people think, it may be a need for attention more than a need to die.
hartytarty On March 01, 2009

chester, United Kingdom
#10New Post! Feb 19, 2009 @ 00:35:08
Hi readsalot, I did see that explanation in my research previously, I know people who want to commit suicide want to make sure they will not leave any mess around ( not so easy) but how normal is the un-NATURAL end of what other people feel and perceive as a gift (life)
ReAdSaLoT On September 23, 2019

#11New Post! Feb 19, 2009 @ 00:45:17
You have to look into why life has no value for you. This is a complicated issue needing thorough guidance. I don't counsel on here. In fact seeing this question on forums instead of crisis lines and hotlines makes me sad. I have very strong feelings on the subject, I even understand it. However, I gave up my practice in rl; this topic is for professionals. I'm sorry, but you'll find many opinions, perhaps one you like. My heart goes out to your confusion, but after 30 yrs. I'm a bit burnt out. Think about the people you leave in the wake of your destruction. If only one of them doesn't deserve the aftermath of suicide; then to them your life has value.
hartytarty On March 01, 2009

chester, United Kingdom
#12New Post! Feb 19, 2009 @ 01:07:39
readsalotn, your last post was very nice, it has brought indeed some questions I would need to ask myself carefully.... thank you......I also know what you mean about the guidance etc.. and indeed the value of life for myself (this is the worring part).Thanks again.
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