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Erlend On July 29, 2009


Troms?, Norway
#76New Post! Nov 04, 2006 @ 10:53:04
@brainfarmer Said
And now I want a sober person who actually knows something about suicide to start talking!

i hang back from talking about my own experiences on this subject because it is generally seen as wanting sympathy or being engrossed in self pity so i try to talk generally about it. yes i have mentioned suicide in my family but that was to indicate why i have such strong views about using 'weak' 'selfish' and all the other terms tossed out so casually to describe suicide.

I think that part of the reason why we use those terms is that we're afraid of people around us taking their lives. We feel that talking like that will keep them from commiting suicide for some reason.
brainfarmer On February 09, 2007

huddersfield, United Kingdom
#77New Post! Nov 04, 2006 @ 10:53:34
lol oh ok fraid im in a really bad mood about some of the posts on here. one day i will post my stuff but i will have to get pretty drunk to do it.
Erlend On July 29, 2009


Troms?, Norway
#78New Post! Nov 04, 2006 @ 10:55:37
@brainfarmer Said
lol oh ok fraid im in a really bad mood about some of the posts on here. one day i will post my stuff but i will have to get pretty drunk to do it.

If you give me a heads up I'll back you up then.
brainfarmer On February 09, 2007

huddersfield, United Kingdom
#79New Post! Nov 04, 2006 @ 11:07:13
Suicidality - Why?:
This again is an especially dangerous feature of BPD and a very frustrating one for clinicians and loved ones. The borderline world isn't actually a very nice one - you never know how you're going to feel from one moment to the next, other people cause lots of hurt and confusion, you often feel like a nobody drifting on a pointless tide to nowhere and attempts to relieve your intense feelings don't work for long and usually involve socially unacceptable behaviour. This leaves you feeling very out of control, rejected, intensely lonely, frustrated, misunderstood and unheard. In this intense unhappiness (dysphoria) the most appealing exit is often ceasing to exist. In attempting suicide a borderline may not wish to die, but rather just to feel differently and not so gosh darn miserable, or they may simply wish to communicate their distress. However, because the world seems so hostile and incapable of understanding, other avenues of help don't look like realistic options. The impulsive nature of BPD means that when I want relief I want it now and not on Monday morning during office hours, or after 3 weeks on anti-depressants. The solution has to be instant. Control can also be an important element in suicide attempts - I finally find some way of controlling my ultimate destiny which otherwise seems so random and out of my hands.
lalita_lolita On December 18, 2006


#80New Post! Nov 05, 2006 @ 14:13:17
I really like that quote... it is true.
runningwithscissors On July 28, 2008

Banbury, United Kingdom
#81New Post! Nov 05, 2006 @ 14:33:54
My doctor recommended suicide when he said that's the one cure for my cold.

I tried it and it's nothing special. It's alot like cough medicine; it has no effect on your cough what-so-ever but it tastes nice.
claire On September 15, 2009

Perth, Australia
#82New Post! Nov 07, 2006 @ 09:18:41

weak ok then are people die of cancer weak? people who havent enough faith in themselves and rely on believing in a fake god weak. were the jews who allowed themselves to be killed by the nazis and didnt fight back weak. if you want to call people weak maybe you need to define what weak is.

People who are diagnosed with cancer, are dying from the inside out, sometimes they become suicidal but only because they know they're going to die anyway. And people in this ciircumstance, I don't blame for wanting to end it, have you ever seen someone slowly wasting away? Have you ever been that person?

People who lack faith aren't weak, just lost. And what is a fake God?

And the Jews weren't weak for not fighting back, I'm sure if they even knew what was going to become of them, they probably would have, but without much success.
brainfarmer On February 09, 2007

huddersfield, United Kingdom
#83New Post! Nov 07, 2006 @ 09:37:23
they are rhetorical questions about defining what is weak.
claire On September 15, 2009

Perth, Australia
#84New Post! Nov 09, 2006 @ 09:15:32
I was discussing this topic with my boyfriend last night.

He's been through thoughts of suicide when he was younger, so I would have thought that his take on the subject would have been one of; "suicide isn't weak, when you're in that frame of mind you don't know what you're thinking"
But, he suprised me. He actually told me that he believes suicide is a cop-out....I tried to explain to him my point of view, since I'm not only a recoveree but I also had a best mate kill himself, but I couldn't get through to him so we agreed to disagree.

I never thought I would hear someone who's been sucidal say that what they thought about doing was weak. Because most of the stories are the same as in when you're suicidal you lose the concept of weak, you believe killing yourself is for the best and living is weak.
angeldelight On December 23, 2006

newcastle upon tyne, United Ki
#85New Post! Nov 10, 2006 @ 00:19:30
@silenthunder Said
Many years ago I had some one close to me commit suicide. Hind sight being 20/20, I could see how their actions were the end result of a long chain of self-destructive behavior.

Has anyone known some one close that committed suicide?

How did it affect you personally?

i have known someone close to me commit suicide..and as its a personal view i have strong views on it...i cant obviously comment on all victims or shld i say possible victims..
i know many ppl who try it,get hospitalised and survive..i think depending on what their methos was you can determine if they were serius about it..

i agree that if someone takes 5 tablets and tells someone..its a cry for help.

i believe that many ppl at some point will find themselfs or know someone who has at least contemplated this.

i believe each method can indicate their intention..i know ppl who have had members of their family hang themselfs..this to me doesnt fail very wld view this as intentional death

drug overdoses im not so sure you cld say that although they took them themselfs..were they in the right frame of mind in what they were doing and how much thry were taking?

pills,if a large amount of pills were can believe they were meant to kill themselfs.

lacerated wrists or throat..can be achieved but ppl make the daft mistake of cutting across a wrist wheras accross can be more damaging in prone to cause death than the other

gassings..i wld say was intentional as rare amount of ppl survive this,so unless found within minutes you will die

in the cases where death was meant to be..i dont see this as selfish at all........ppl with this frame of mind are thinking of themselfs and getting them out of the situation they are do you know they dont think about their families there leavibg behind..they prob do to some extent..but this wldnt alter their decision.thats why ppl leave suicide notes..have you ever read one?.not nice often they are personal and explain why they are doing this,and to leave lil messages to loved one..totally heartbreaking..

the story im about to tell you is as follows.......
a woman aged 18 found herself with two young kids..she didnt have a prtner although married.hed done off whist pregnant..she was left alone and found she couldnt cope ..she got involved in illegal stuff,and had her kids taken into care...well infact one of the kids was looked after by her mother and the other ended up in foster care........this woman drank heavily due to depression on how her life had turned out.of course she had brought it on herself..all her issues and the fact she didnt have her daughters was because of choices she had made in her life..she had no one else to blame...anyhow she found it hard to cope with the guily i suppose,went out drinking one night,went home at took an overdose of many tablets.the coroners report documented suicide suffering from mmalegestic poisoning(booze and tablets)..she was 25 years old and left a whole family devestated...

this woman was my mother..and i was the 7 year old daughter in foster care..

ironically enough,i waa adopted by two marvelous parents,and i have thrived and know i have had the best all of my life,and that it wld have been very different if this had never had some ways im gratefull.which may sound sick.........

but because of this womans life has turned around and been wonderfull,i couldnt of asked for better parents as the ones i have now
makeshift_wings On December 12, 2006

Canterbury, United Kingdom
#86New Post! Nov 10, 2006 @ 00:27:15
on one hand people say it is selfish to leave people behind, friends and family.

but couldnt you say that its selfish to want someone to stay alive in such mental anguish which they are obviously going through if they want to kill themselves, is that not selfish?
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