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Student loans.....

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prettygreeneyes On April 05, 2009

Manchester, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Jul 26, 2006 @ 00:00:16
Ive left school now so ive been thinking alot about my future. Im going to college this september but after that i want to go into higher education. So i thought about maybe studying in the u.s.a, so i thought theres no time like the presant to start researching the idea.
So i got some really helpful information and i know every single step to been able to study in the u.s.a. But i need funding so i looked at getting a government grant, but apparently you can only get one if you are studying in the UK. So i began to search the internet for scholarships and again i came up with nothing. Then i decided to search for companies that would loan me the money, but your parents have to have high income jobs and own a house blah blah blah........

Im so annoyed there must be a way

I know there are probably thousands of other people everywhere having the same problem but it just really annoys

Half the people in the country leave school and dont bother to continue education, so why arent there opportunities for those who want to better themselves?

I know i could just stay in the UK an get my degree here, but i want to do something different and experience new cultures and stuff. Surely there as to be a way.........
hope On March 17, 2015

haifa, Israel
#2New Post! Aug 12, 2006 @ 09:30:47
yeah i'm affraid a lot of student have the same peoblem, including me , yeah that's right i have always wanted to study abroad , but unfortunately things didn't work as my will, but that didn't vanish my motivation to get the degree which i've always dreamt iof.
so don't let that bothers you. i think the only solution to wait , maybe things would change one day and have the ability to study in u.s.a how knows!!
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