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Sister in law from hell!

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LISSA On July 09, 2009

Adelaide, Australia
#1New Post! Jul 09, 2009 @ 09:57:05
My sister in law to be has got to be the worst person i have EVER MET.
When my guy brought me home the first day to meet the family they all made the biggest fuss to make tea (my guy is a respected chef) and all sat round for dinner (Grandparents auntys, uncles the works) but when i got there i found out miss "im all that" preffered to stay in her room and DEMAND her mother cook her something because she doesnt want to eat that ******** food and will NOT meet that stuck up *****.
I found out that she LOVES and i mean LOVES being the centre of attention - EVERYWHERE she goes for jobs, nightlife, THE WORKS she has to be the center of it all! Will scratch and bite and sweet talk her way infront of the camera because she beleives to NO END that she is and forever will be AMAZZZZING noone can out do her, noone is good enough to talk to her unless you have had permission.
When she is out and about people think she's the "Cutest widdle angel!" *pinches cheek* But at home LOOK THE **** OUT!!!
Her mum starts her day by bringing her breakfast in bed or will have it ready for her and will get her clothes ready then proceeds to be treated in the folowing manner: "GET A BRA! (Starts to get the bra) GET A BRA GET A BRA GET A ******** BRA!!!!! ARE YOU STUPID! HOW THICK ARE YOU? (comes back with the bra) WHY THE **** HAVE YOU GOT A BRA FOR GET YOUR FAT a** OVER HERE AND DO MY HAIR YOU STUPID COW!!
Then she packs her car and even reverses it coz the lazy ***** cant be stuffed so all she needs to do is eat get in and go!
All her clothes, car fees, uni fees, laptop are paid for - u name it and she has it - she's in america at the moment working at a kids camp - stuff she's not known for over here!
By now your probably thinking its the mothers fault she has brought it on herself i know i know but the mother has no thoughts for herself just gets the ***** ready so she leaves her alone to go and cry in her room - the stupid ***** is 21!!!
I make all of this my bussiness coz she has ruined parts of my life so much that i feel hopeless!
I have lost jobs over her coz she is know EVERYWHERE and i realised one of the nightclubs my mates love to go to she has put her name to and has embarrased me in public.
I am to be married this year and im not allowed to talk to her or i get in trouble with his parents amd grandparents but she sings out to me my dress will look better than yours on your wedding day and your a stupid cow and other crap like that - she even went as far to just assume she is in the bridal party and is the head bridesmaid!
I know its stupid to get involved i know its all on the mother and i know being a model she will grow outta her looks one day but i just want to know who else has been through this!!!
rider On September 28, 2009


The first one, Australia
#2New Post! Jul 09, 2009 @ 10:51:36
If i didn't know better I'd say you just decribed my soon to be EX daughter in Law,who as is Lives in Adelaide nothing wrong with either of them that a swift kick up the Arse wouldn't fix
lishie211 On March 12, 2013

, Australia
#3New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:11:57
Omg F**k that what a b*tch. Ooooh I can't stand ppl like that, it would b so hard to bite ur tounge, my monster in law is so ..aarrgghh.. Today she said we (her son and I) are nothing but a bunch of a******s because of the way we treat our daughter, but there is nothing wrong with the way we treat her, she is the only person who thinks this, I have asked several ppl if there is something wrong with the way we treat our daughter and they all say 'no, what r u on about?'. Yet she only says that kind of stuff so I hear it, I dnt know y she doesn't just tell us 2 get the f*ck out of her house. Does any1 else have a monster in law, it would b nice 2 know im not the only1 who gets treated like s*** and emotionally abused.
Marcussextus On November 25, 2014

Adelaide, Australia
#4New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:32:08
Ex Adelaide boy here, family still are.
Take it from an old bloke, RUN!
As fast and as far as your feet will carry you!
I realise you plan to marry, and are probably in love, but still,...RUN!
Think about it, the mother is a slave, and you can bet she didn't stint on slaving for your guy.
Now YOU will be expected to, and not only your sis'-in-law will give you grief, it will rapidly become the WHOLE family, your bloke included!
Want to be a SLAVE for the rest of your life?
Sure, he's all sweet and loving now, but once that ring is on your finger,... he OWNS you, in his mind,he will expect you to do what his mother did, and watch out if you don't!
He will have been spoiled all his life, and take it from a chef, you get used to "command", having people leap to your every wish!
I've seen this scenario play out so many times it makes me wonder where the hell I live, is it the 15th century or WHAT?
RUN,Girl,Run for your LIFE!!!
iwannano On May 19, 2010
Mountain William


#5New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:47:01
Well there is only one 'silver lining' to every in law from hell story. You are not marring the in laws your marring your man. you should have a pretty good idea where he stands on the subject, does he stick up for you to his family or does he stick up for the family against you or just pretend it doesn't happen and hopes ya'll will just go away ?
Mysteria On May 19, 2014
I Am Rogue!

A Small Town, Texas
#6New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:49:55
My sister-in-law is hateful. I can't stand hearing her voice because she's such a b****. I don't say that about many people. Just thinking about her boils my blood.

I'm in a different situation. She married into my family. She made me miserable for 15 years and then blamed me for making HER life hell. I was genuinely surprised because I felt vulnerable all these years. She's jealous of me and my son. It's obvious she wants my dad for herself. It sickens me.

It took my family quite a while to see her true colors. I knew what she was like the first time I talked to her on the phone. She started treating my mother the way she was treating me and all hell broke loose.

My youngest brother got married 3 years ago. His wife and I got along great until my other sister-in-law started palling around with her. Neither one of them ever call me and vice versa. I like it that way. It's funny that the hateful one always asks my mom why I don't come around.

Your sister-in-law is probably just jealous of you. I honestly feel for you as you will have to deal with her for a long time. Hopefully, it works out well for you.
markfox01 On October 29, 2018

Welshman in Brum.., United Kin
#7New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:50:32
I feel for you sister.. I really do.. I have inlaw troubles too..
iwannano On May 19, 2010
Mountain William


#8New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 09:17:45
My sister in law refuses to allow my brother any contact with any female family members. i haven't spoke to my brother for over 4 years now. He does have a 'secret ' email that she doesn't know about and we communicate a few times a month by email . My other brother has passed away and his daughters are not allowed to contact their uncle. She is so stupid about trying to stir up s***. She always types with the caps lock on 100% of the time. My brother on the other hand uses correct caps and punctuation . She will email me a long and rude email pretending to be my brother with a problem about some BS i have supposedly done. When she first started that I like a dummy played right into her plan. I rep,lied in the same tone and it was only my reply my brother seen. Now that he has his secret email I just delete any thing from the 'family' email .I would love to see my brother tell her where to get off now that thier 2 sons are grown but who has any right to tell some one what to do in thier marriage? so I will just have to hope she doesn't find his secrets .
lishie211 On March 12, 2013

, Australia
#9New Post! Aug 29, 2009 @ 09:50:53
God I h8 inlaws, my mans 2 sisters and little bro r cool and I get along with them, but his older bro n mum r so emotionally abusive I just ignore it most of the time, but yesterday his big bro said his mum never got told I was pregnant (im 28wks) and she didn't know til I started showing, but he told her b4 I even told my mum n dad, and b4 we went on holidays I was saying to her, isn't it funny how me and my friend r due on the same day, f*cken w/e she knew but still to this day no congrats on the pregnancy. And after 2day I so dnt wana go back there I wish we didn't live there. Thank god we r at his sisters, she's gr8, she knows what they r like.
Kristy69 On September 14, 2014
Carly's Mommy

Underneath the Cyanide Sun....
#10New Post! Feb 01, 2012 @ 19:03:01
My sisters-in-law love me. Maybe more than their own brother.

Your sister-in-law seems like a total b****. f*** 'er.
lishie211 On March 12, 2013

, Australia
#11New Post! Feb 26, 2013 @ 14:14:04
Wow. I have a great relationship with my mother in law now, we must have been getting under each others skin a bit back then, glad its not like that anymore .. I love her to bits. :D hope things are better for everyone else these days /
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