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rondetto On September 18, 2021

Wrexham, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Jan 09, 2012 @ 12:18:38
A man stops into this little backwoods restaurant for lunch, and after finishing his meal he inquires the way to the rest room.

He's told that it's around the back of the building, so he heads through the back door, finds the outhouse and takes a s***, only to discover there's no toilet paper. But there is a sign on the wall that reads, 'Wipe yourself with your finger, then insert the finger into this hole, and your finger will be cleaned with great attention.'

So the man wipes up and sticks his finger through the hole. On the other side is standing a little boy holding a brick in either hand, who claps them together at the sight of the finger poking through.

The guy screams in pain, yanks his hand back, and starts sucking on his finger.
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