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Remember the APEALS

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WASH On June 04, 2012

LINCOLN, California
#1New Post! Mar 17, 2012 @ 18:05:55
Thought you might like to read them and then REWMEMBER that no one claims they had written them.

VERDICT -> Automatic appeal to the CA supreme Court -> Appeal to the Supreme Court -> If the US supreme Court allows the death sentence to stand, the defendant can return to the State Trial Court and file a Writ of habeas corpus.
The writ allows the defendant to raise issues not generally covered in the trial such as the effect of pretrial publicity, or incompetence of council. - >> Appeal to State Court of Appeals ->> Appeal to CA Supreme Court ->> Appeal to US Supreme Court ->>
If the Supreme Court rejects the defendants appeal of the State habeas claim, the defendant may then file the habeas corpus writ in U. S. Circuit Court. ->> Appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ->> Appeal to the US Supreme Court ->> Successive last - minute appeal to the Federal District Court ->> Successive appeal to the Ninth Circuit US court of appeal ->> Successive last - minute appeal to the US Supreme Court.
It does not look as if the state legislature or our congress could write such convoluted legislation wrt the death penalty. the price had to be too high! Or could I be wrong?
Oh! The murder, itself, is no longer applicable
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