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Questions about blessing and punching

El_Tino On August 10, 2020

Albuquerque, New Mexico
#1New Post! Sep 04, 2005 @ 01:22:22
What are blessing and punching?

Blessing is when a moderator awards you with some amount of points for something you did on the site. Punching is when a moderator deducts some points from you for your behavior.

What is the purpose of blessing and punching?

Blessing is to reward members who are active contributors to the community and who treat other members with respect.

Punching is used as a 'reward' for spamming, trolling or making excessive personal attacks on other members (among other things listed in the Terms of Service).

What kind of thing can I get punched for?

You might get punched for violating something in the terms of service . 99% of the time someone is punched it is for spamming or being repeatedly offensive or rude to other members. You might also get punched if you attempt to "Pwn" the site with a bunch of threads that consist of one or two sentences.

What can I do to get blessed?

The number 1 way to get a moderator to notice you and bless you is to make frequent thoughtful/interesting posts in a variety of different forums, as well as in your journal. Demonstrating a grasp of the written English Language through the use of proper spelling and grammar is also likely to help.

Why did I get blessed and punched for the exact same thing?

One of them is likely a mistake, and the other one is to make up for it. For example, if you were blessed for "spamming", then it was a mistake, so you were punched for spamming.

How do I bless somebody? Who can bless someone?

Only moderators can bless or punch people.

Will I get punched for disagreeing with someone's opinion?

Generally no, you will not be punched simply for disagreeing with someone or engaging in a debate. The exceptions are when you simply resort to name-calling or personal attacks that are irrelevant to the topic under discussion, or when you are intentionally trolling to stir up controversy and pit people against one another.

Will I get blessed for agreeing with the opinion of a moderator or Tino?

No. Blessings are not based on how much you can mimic the opinion of a moderator or administrator.

Will I get punched if I complain to one of the mods or Tino about something that happens on the site?

Absolutely not! If you have a problem or are bothered by anything at all you can approach @el_tino< /a> about it without fear of being punched for your opinion. Tino will not be offended by any negative comments (provided they are not about his guitar).
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