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College Life

Problems on Fees

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MaCharisse On May 04, 2012

Legazpi, Philippines
#1New Post! Nov 29, 2011 @ 16:31:33
My name was posted a while ago because I wasn't officially enrolled. I was really embarrassed to know that all colleges can see my name published in there.
Oh... sometimes, it's really the disadvantage of being poor...hehehe
Rini On January 16, 2014

, Georgia
#2New Post! Jan 12, 2012 @ 15:41:42
Okay I know this is going to sound corny but I have found some friends that have been saving me a bit of money on my fees. This semester I had to get a scientific calculator which costs $22 at our bookstore and I haven't been able to get to walmart for one thats like $7. She has the book for me that I need for Psycology and Anatomy because she took it last semester. She is saving me on book fees! She also says I can borrow the scientific calculator this semester too. What a terrific friend. I have also heard places like Ebay and amazon sell used books so that you don't have to wait in line and all. I don't know if this will help anyone but it sure has cut down on the college fees a little bit.
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