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Please Predict fantasy football results

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Denk15 On April 28, 2021

Birmingham, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Apr 28, 2021 @ 16:05:58

This is random, so I think I am in the correct place.

I play an online football manager game with other people and I manage a league. Each week I predict the games results using different methods (Asking AI, spinning a wheel, divination)

This week I am asking complete strangers (I tried some "chat to stranger" websites... that didn't go so well) to predict the results.

So please, if you don't mind, predict away!

Playboys Swe Vs Leixlip Lunatics
Bidford-On-Avon Vs FC Shengalien
Farseer Dragons Vs Nutwood County
Takin t'Makhitaryan Vs The Radgie Gadgies
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