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Part two of "Sams Life" poem of drugs and murder

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srekins On April 10, 2017


Canton, Georgia
#1New Post! Jul 11, 2007 @ 05:07:55
Look at him at age 25
On the streets
looking for freash meat
Pocketfull of money
and a handfull of tease
he calls it his special weed
when hes done he comes home
counts his money and weighs his dope
warms up the needle
and sticks it slow
this is the only life he knows
getting high off coke
this is how he and his friends roll
him and all of his "homies"
smoking all that s*** in front of him
Oh please
Its like a slow tease
I can hear him now
"Yall know me"
"Ima "OG".."
This s*** cant control me
These drugs dont hold me
come on...yall know me..
well,he sits at home
sitting in his own zone
almost out cold
needles on the floor
holes in the walls and the door
liquar bottles all over his porch
feelings hes feeling now that hes felt before
he wants to change his life
instead of living by the blade and the nine
getting shot up at night
so many times
his life
couldve been swipped
he wants to change but why?
"Why do I Want to Change my Life"
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