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Oedipus the King ***SPOILERS*** ermagerd!!!

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gakINGKONG On about 3 hours ago

Angeles City, Philippines
#1New Post! May 06, 2019 @ 22:35:08
The early Greeks went to the theatre and they saw it.

Over and over.

Every body went to the theatre and saw this play about some really messed up stuff and no body had to warn anyone else about spoilers.

The suprise wasn't the point.

The story was the point.

And you knew the story but went to see the thing anyway.

What's up people??!! Why are we torturing ourselves with "Spoiler Warnings?"

No. It's fine. It's fine. Just go and see the thing and don't worry if the movie or play or whatever is spoiled. A good story can be told over and again and it won't matter.

Ever hear of the Passion Play? **Spoiler Alert ** Jesus gets killed and resurrected. The Germans have been putting on the same play for last 100billion years or so (may be an exageration)

ok thanks
Leon On August 16, 2019

San Diego, California
#2New Post! May 06, 2019 @ 23:19:45
You sure do rant about weird things.
gakINGKONG On about 3 hours ago

Angeles City, Philippines
#3New Post! May 07, 2019 @ 02:35:05
@Leon Said

You sure do rant about weird things.


And yet it happened.

Now I'm thinking about the best food choices I can get at the mini-mart.

I think this is going to be a Tuna week.
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