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Now that the right have cleared this topic up; what justice for the crime and poverty?

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Trenton, Canada
#1New Post! Jun 29, 2012 @ 10:05:19
'Sure, you've written a good novel, Ilyn, and I'm certain it has a strong moral foundation. I'm just saying that not everyone has the right to "pursue happiness" if cheating me out of my money makes them happy. There are simply too many money-worshippers to give everyone the freedom to pursue this individual brand of happiness. Murder makes some people happy. Sneering at less wealthy people makes some people happy. Only publishing trash makes some people happy. The philosophy of America seems to be "sell things for more than they are worth." '

I should put this in the cultural tabloids topic section. Nevertheless, it's serious to wonder if the Right in the U.S. have achieved their status over justice questions they had in the past. What for the newer rewards about justice in the field of creative endeavors is there for more upcoming writers?

The above is from the Fisher King of 1991. In comparison to this cultural travesty is the other problem of the justice of baring inequality of wealth, inequality of the trusting fellowman dealing with science and progress really as significant as that one then? What travesty, what struggle for the progress of peace and cooperation? That was just a matter of adjusting one's own perspective, I thought.

Any one considering this problem of justice mindedness?
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