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NZ Students Getting Pressured to Pay Back Student Loans Quicker

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Electric_Banana On September 18, 2020

, New Zealand
#1New Post! May 01, 2012 @ 11:04:25
I think there are about only two other people on TFS from NZ (unless you're all from NZ ) but I think this holds true for the US as well.

I'm not sure how the UK handles education funding.

The current threshold here requires students to start paying back loans if they earn around $19,500 a year (give or take a few hundred) and the lowest minimum is 10% of their earnings.

They're getting ready to not only boost the minimum payback but lower the threshold as well.

It's one of many desperate attempts to recover from the current economical crisis as education loan debt has doubled over the past year.

Like someone commented here on the news - This is going to discourage young people from going to college all together.

With everyone going independent and working for themselves over the net the need for many of us to prove our worth to an employer or corporation is dwindling as starving artists are finding it easier to get their work seen by a lot more people.

(Someone here mentioned that ISPs around the globe were going to eventually massively limit what sites we can access. I'm not sure if that's true or not but it does tie in with my 'Suppression' conspiracy because it would definitely snuff out independent entrepreneurs and once again force them under employ of an already established corporation.)

Ultimately, however, for those who plan in listing under the employment of someone else - Wouldn't it lower educational loan debt if colleges were to lower their tuition fees?

And if colleges were to lower their tuition fees, more young people could afford the education for better jobs.

And with many more people working better jobs there would be less welfare getting handed out.

And less handed out welfare would rescue the economy just as easily - The only difference being - My suggestion also leaves everyone better educated.

Seeing as students usually have to afford all of their books, software and materials themselves and the college professors are making meek earnings - What overhead does Uni have that it requires such large tuition?
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