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My Wife's Dirty Feet!

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dickhead On November 18, 2007

Nashua, New Hampshire
#1New Post! Jan 02, 2005 @ 03:03:36
Hi... my wife has a serious problem... she loves to go barefoot... even outside! Now, I can understand this in
our home... but, outside? Many times she'll go barefoot
in stores, shopping malls, pumping gas, going to her
hairdresser, even going to classes!

Needless to say... her feet get absolutely filthy... to
say the least!

What am I to do? I remember once, she was going barefoot
while shoveling manure at her parents farm. Yikes!

Is there anybody out there that has experienced a person
like my wife... and, if so... could you please give me
some friendly advice!

I am currently at my witts end with her bad habit of NOT
wearing shoes or sandals!

toolchick6 On April 19, 2007

Emporia, Kansas
#2New Post! Jan 02, 2005 @ 03:16:08
Haha, I saw the photo montage of that in this month's Glamour. I'm such a girl.
noveltygun On January 19, 2020

seattle, Washington
#3New Post! Jan 03, 2005 @ 03:22:17
another post about your wife????
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