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Missing the past (restraining order)

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phantarch On April 25, 2008

Manchester, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Apr 18, 2008 @ 22:19:41
I thought what I once had was not as good as what I have now.
That has changed somewhat, in the middle of my day I miss it more and more.
You don't know what you've had 'till you don't have it anymore.

The cravings set like fishing hooks to a bee sting.
A flail of lost loves swung at you, beware.
I lost it all and now all I don't have anything for which to care.

Every day, you get more and more attatched to what you have.
When will this hurt be gone.
It's me, It's me, All my days are done.

Caldera leaks all of the smoke,
All of the fumes,
Over us all this threat looms.

You must silence me but not just yet,
Can you see magistrate,
Another million faces contemplate.

The courts orders issued,
Restraining orders set,
I can't believe what's happened since we met.

The time has rushed on,
All so fast,
Why can't good things ever last?

I guess we must go our ways,
I won't be within a mile,
I'll never see you laugh or smile.

I'm not violent,
Mad or bad,
This misfortune is just too sad.
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