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Little Things That Mean A lot

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ReAdSaLoT On September 23, 2019

#1New Post! Jun 29, 2010 @ 12:42:35
Just somethings you can do that make a good impression and make other people happy without costing you money.

1.Handwritten thank you letters- even if they're emails- they're thoughtful.
2. A firm handshake.
3.Turning off your cell phone at the movies.
4.A sense of humor in a bad situation.
5.Sincere compliments.
6.Vacuuming behind furniture.
7.Clothes you never have to iron.
8. A small hostess gift.
9.Making sure the tooth fairy always arrives.
10.Letting someone with just two items go ahead of you.
11.Minty breath
12. Birthday cards (mine is tomorrow)
13.Closing your mouth when you chew.
14. Finding unexpected cash in your jeans.
15. Volunteering to help without being asked.
16. And then following through.
17. Saying "bless you " when a stranger sneezes.
18. Fresh flowers for no reason.
19.Finding time for a walk.
20. Clipping a news story for a friend who might be interested.
21. Passing a long a book you love.
22. Dancing at wedding-even just a little
23. Wiping the bathroom sink when your done
24. Babysitting when your done.
25. Goody bags at kids' parties.
26. Clean fingernails.
27. Calling your mom just to say Hi.
28. Paying back borrowed money- fast.
29. Wet napkins when you serve BBQ
30. Fresh towels for guests.
31. "Please" and " thank you".
32. Edging your lawn after mowing.
33. Mowing for the older lady next door.
34.Surprise notes tucked in lunch boxes and suitcases.
35. Bringing muffins to the office.
36. Turning off the lights when you leave a room.
37. Sharing your umbrella.
38. Knowing one good joke.
39. Letting someone else have the parking space.
40. No wait at the doctor's office.
41. Hugging your kids or someone you love.
42. Replacing the TP roll when only a few squares are left.

Okay, a few might cost a few dollars but they're worth it.

Good Housekeeping 2006
challands On December 17, 2012


Derbyshire, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Jun 29, 2010 @ 12:47:51
That's a good list hun and all true
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