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Lets play the game of "non existent god"...

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fuzzy_hand_cuffs On December 30, 2009

Clarksville, Tennessee
#1New Post! Aug 12, 2009 @ 04:28:37
This is what my friend wanted me to post here, for some reason...

"I'll go first...

My uncle (my father's brother) is a good man. His wife is good as well. They follow the law, aren't a*****es, treat everyone fairly, work hard (being the owner's of a towing company, they have to) and have four wonderful, great children. Their children are somewhere about 22, 17, 14, and 13, if my memory serves right, or at least close to it. My Aunt and Uncle know that a hard day's work is what's needed to get by in this world, and all their children know it too. Seems like a pretty decent life, eh?

The two eldest, one girl and one boy, in that order, are special. Yea. It's f***ed up that such a wonderful family with such wonderful children have to go through the s*** that they have to go through. The children are great to be around, all of them. And they are actually pretty smart kids. They help their parents, they help other people, and they've done nothing wrong in their lives to deserve what they have. If they weren't special needs, they'd put my a** to shame probably, being such damn great kids. And the two normal kids? Great children as well. All of these children probably know many lessons to get by in life, and could probably lead great ones and have great lives for their children and so forth, but the eldest two can't and most likely, will never be able to. Pisses me off to hell and back."
sue2 On August 15, 2011


cornwall, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Aug 12, 2009 @ 06:22:52
My grandson is special needs, he has Autism as well as other problems and I very much doubt that he will be able to do as others do ie grow up, have a job, kids of his own etc.He is a happy little guy in his own way and has brought lots of love and my daughter is a brilliant Mum. Its a very tough world for some
fuzzy_hand_cuffs On December 30, 2009

Clarksville, Tennessee
#3New Post! Aug 12, 2009 @ 06:25:05
yes yes it is
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