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King Kong

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osm On March 18, 2016

Wellington, New Zealand
#1New Post! Dec 05, 2005 @ 07:40:52
King Kong has its world release tomorrow and the director Peter Jackson is from my home town so it is pretty special. His house he grew up in is about 10 mins walk from my house. The release is in New York (ironically) and this is a widely anticipated film that will hopefully win some oscars!

All hail King Kong!
webslinger14 On February 14, 2006

vancouver, Canada
#2New Post! Dec 06, 2005 @ 07:19:25
I love the trailer, i will definitely watch King Kong! See you at the theater!
mhee On March 05, 2006

#3New Post! Dec 08, 2005 @ 00:50:54
can't wait to see! ive seen the trailer and looks good, im

going to watch this soon.
webslinger14 On February 14, 2006

vancouver, Canada
#4New Post! Dec 08, 2005 @ 07:05:43
A lot of people are so excited about the King Kong movie, i bet its going to be huge when they finally release it!
stormie76 On March 20, 2010


Melbourne, Australia
#5New Post! Dec 08, 2005 @ 07:12:47
hmmm not sure about this one, in one hand yeah it looks pretty cool and what not in the other hand im over remakes of movies, I wish they would bring out something original for once anyway might just wait for it on DVD
garfunkel On December 29, 2008
my beautiful rescue


Sydney, Australia
#6New Post! Dec 15, 2005 @ 13:04:17
oh i really wanna see this movie. it looks really good i just dont want to sit through the whole three hours, my arse will go numb. lol
emma_m On August 21, 2008

On TFS leave......, United Kin
#7New Post! Dec 15, 2005 @ 19:53:39
Peter Jackson is the master of three hour films you will not be bored for a minute!
I wasn't looking forward to it initially, but after seeing the trailers I think I'm going to go see it.
webslinger14 On February 14, 2006

vancouver, Canada
#8New Post! Dec 16, 2005 @ 06:57:29
I agree with you! i guess were doing the same thing on the opening night!
osm On March 18, 2016

Wellington, New Zealand
#9New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 03:31:11
The movie I think is number 1 here. Haven't seen it yet but prolly will around new year
reiko On March 27, 2006


New York, New York
#10New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 03:32:07
I'm seeing it next week. I have been looking forward to it.
sweetrnsugar77 On December 22, 2008


My Apartment, Oregon
#11New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 03:34:18
It looks good hopefully its not cheezy. The last try almost killed me to watch.
reiko On March 27, 2006


New York, New York
#12New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 03:35:19
The last try was 30 years ago!
ann On May 16, 2007


london, United Kingdom
#13New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 21:51:06
A good storyline is the most important, too many special affects becomes too artificial. It's being released here soon, theres heaps of movies I haven't seen yet, but yeah that looks good.
trencher On March 01, 2008

Hades, California
#14New Post! Dec 17, 2005 @ 23:47:28
'King Flop'

My Rating: D-

If you thought what Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich did to Godzilla (1988) was
bad... just wait until you see this bloated, overrated piece of trash.

I thought about posting review of this film, but I thought it would be best if I kept the comments to myself! Well, I've changed my mind.

Peter Jackson's King Kong is a colossal disaster.

I've watched this film a grand total of three times and each viewing was more heinous than the previous.

King Kong(1933 & 1976) captured the Gorilla in all its viciousness. The earlier Kong took no prisoners; showing no remorse for creature, or human.

Yes, these films are considered cheesy, but the 1933 version is considered a classic.

Peter Jackson's Kong delivers a punchless mess that doesn't deliver on any level.

The acting is very poor: Jack Black misses the mark; Adrien Brody is listless; and Naomi Watts is unconvincing.

This movie is 187 minutes and King Kong doesn't show up until 70 minutes into it.

Everybody knows the story of King Kong, but Peter Jackson decides to go down the road of sappiness to show that King Kong has a softer side.

I will not give out any spoilers, but there is a nauseating scene involving Kong sliding around on a patch of ice in New York City.

Wha really angered me was the fact that Peter Jackson omitted a crucial part from the ending of the 1933 version. With that key ingredient missing; the film ended on a downer.
classy_claire On July 07, 2007

, United Kingdom
#15New Post! Dec 18, 2005 @ 00:03:17
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