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Kids father always causing problems in my life to hurt me

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wsm112st On February 12, 2007

Lakeland, Florida
#1New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 17:43:57
My name is Shirley, I have 4 kids and am in need to share my feelings with what is going on in my life right now.I have joint custody with 2 of my kids. I have had joint custody of my 2 kids for 11 years now.however my kids father decided over last summer he was throwing my daughter out of his house and also put marks on her from hitting her.So she now has nothing to do with her father at all.My daughter is 16 and has a good head on her shoulders.My son is 11 and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and on medication so he is a handful at since my daughters father doesn't get to see his daughter since he threw her out and hurt her he has since then decided to cause lots of problems in my life with them.since he is so hurt that his daughter doesn't want anything at all to do with him he is now trying to brainwash my son to the point where my son doesn't wanna live with me no more.My son call me all kinds of curse words in the book you can imagine and has put me into the hospital for breaking my toe with a ceramic mug.his father tried a couple of weeks ago to keep my son from me when he was supposed to come back home to me so i decided to call the cops on him and he didn't like that so he decided to call dyfs the next day to get back at me for calling the cops on him and decided to call dyfs and tell them hey look my son's mom drinks.So he could try to get me into trouble for that.I am a social drinker and will tell you that .I do everything for my kids and have never been in trouble for anything.He is trying to tell these people that i drink and hit my kids so thats why even though my case worker can see the whole picture of whats been going on i have nothing to lose here.I do have to go for an alcohol assesment evaluation and they r giving me a urine test.Cause thats how they deal with these situations when they get a call for something like this.So i understand even though they think i am not an alcoholic mother they still have to have me do these things for my case.I call this bull stuff tit for tat.He couldn't stand the fact that i called the cops on him to bring me my son back so he went and called dyfs to come back at me.I have people telling me not to worry about the stuff with dyfs but as a good mother it hurts me to even have to go through even if i drink a beer today and lets just say another 2 beers on friday then in this mans eyes i am a bad mother.We are also talking about a father that when he was younger he tried to kill his own father and was put away in a mental hospital .my son comes back from visiting with his dad and telling me that he is going to buy a gun and shoot me with it and how he will get a knife and stab me with it so he is just hurting my son so bad so he will not wanna live with me no more like i said before.Sorry to vent but needed to so i am not so hurt from all that is going on.......
steveuk On May 15, 2012

London, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 17:51:59
That's quite a bad situation.

Hopefully when you get the results back from the alcohol tests, they will see that your ex partner was just telling untruths.

Let a few untruths build up, that will show you in the good light that you are, and show what kind of a 'man' your ex partner is.

Then, if you wish, you can take things further with regards to his behaviour with your son, you will have a more concrete backing.
live_a_lie On May 08, 2011

, United Kingdom
#3New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 18:08:33
Awh that's horrible!! I'm sure your son will soon see what an arse his dad is. I had the same kind of situation, my parents split I lived with my mum. I saw my dad often and he hated my mum and tried to turn me against her, it worked. I hated my mum, cos he always told me what a bad mother she was and stuff. I loved him more than anything in the world until one day he told me he hated me and wanted nothing to do with me. This killed me, I loved him so much, I didnt realise what he was like. But now I do, I see how mean I was to my mum and what a s*** my dad was. Hopefully soon your son will see the same =]
WildChild On February 16, 2013
Perv Magnet

Southern Middle, Tennessee
#4New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 18:14:01
I hate situations like this and I hate to admit it but I've been in a similar situation. Kids seem to get used as pawns by parents that are divorced ( I'm not at all implying that you are doing this). It seem though that your ex is trying to use your kids to get to you. These children should not have to endure this and they should not have to suffer at the hands of their father.

You have to stand strong to your ex and to your kids. You are the parent , you must let them know that you will not be abused by them or by their dad.
wsm112st On February 12, 2007

Lakeland, Florida
#5New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 18:21:53
Thank u so much wild child i really needed to hear from u today u made my day..My kids r my life and their father is such a piece of trash..He happens to be a dad that thinks child support and sperm make a dad..
WildChild On February 16, 2013
Perv Magnet

Southern Middle, Tennessee
#6New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 18:24:15
@wsm112st Said
Thank u so much wild child i really needed to hear from u today u made my day..My kids r my life and their father is such a piece of trash..He happens to be a dad that thinks child support and sperm make a dad..

You're welcome! like I said I've been there and I know what you're going through. Hang in there and remember to stand strong.
treebee On April 13, 2015
Government Hooker


London, United Kingdom
#7New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 19:39:18
omg i would get those kids and vanish from that man
wsm112st On February 12, 2007

Lakeland, Florida
#8New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 19:49:34
He is such a sick father he really is and somehow i have to get my son from him as much as i don't wanna hurt my son from seeing him and resent me when he gets older but he is now hurting my son so much everytime he see's him and spends time with him.My daughter hates him so much for everything he has done to me and to her and now my son.somke people never grow up...
mimsworld On October 06, 2008

Gympie, Australia
#9New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 19:50:25
I know how you feel, my ex told the courts I was a drug addict (even though I hadn't touched drugs since I was 14) I had to do random drug tests, I mean, sit on a toilet with no possessions, have a nurse search me to make sure I had nothing hidden then pee in front of her into a cup, once a month for 6 months.

But you know, I got through it and he can't do anything now. My kids are starting to see the light and are now wanting to stay with me more and more.

Anyway, its gets better. You're ex will tie the noose around his own neck and your kids will come running to you and you will be the best thing since sliced bread. Just keep doing what you're doing and never say a bad word about their father in front of them or even if they are in same house. Kids have great hearing.

Good luck
dragonwars On July 30, 2009

Wellington, New Zealand
#10New Post! Jan 24, 2007 @ 23:04:45
Hey If I were you I would try get full custody of your son and make sure that his father can't get to him, you don't want your son to end up growing up like him.
WildChild On February 16, 2013
Perv Magnet

Southern Middle, Tennessee
#11New Post! Jan 25, 2007 @ 01:41:06
It seems to me that your son is in danger as long as he's with your ex. You are going to have to stay strong for those kids . I know I keep saying that but trust me it is very important that you do everything you can to get that man away from your children.
jeanettesianrachel On September 16, 2016

Medway, United Kingdom
#12New Post! Jan 27, 2007 @ 11:58:01
my kids biological dad is a bit like that he even tries to tell me what to do, your son will come to realize who is the liar,my kids are15 and 16 and they openly call him by his first name and my 2nd hubby dad, there biological dad is under the name of r.c. hole so it shows what he has done to him and they have worked out what hes really lie. i know you said your son has adhd but he knows really where he is better off, cant you go back to court and get the joint custidy revoked especially as he hit your daughter and has spoke to your son alot about bad names for him to come home and use them against him. just remember you have done nothing wrong so please dont be made to feel the guilty one cos your not your the victim of a nasty bully, also go to your sons school and ask about his behaviour and if its ghanged and ask them to write to you, cos if you had not been good to your kids it will show itself in school, remember liars always get caught out. i hope that going through my expierince has helped you in any way
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