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Joseph cheat codes- random skit idea

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JosephAsimeng On about 12 hours ago

Bronx, New York
#1New Post! Mar 21, 2020 @ 12:54:43
Imagine if i did this saturday at 8pm(vs henry danger on nick)(if you don't get all that don't ask and don't get any ideas), Just for entertainment purposes only

The skit: based on advanced wars, me and "Jelvin"(a guy i made up) are in a military tank, vs a corona virus illusion monster in another tank. I shoot a cannonball at the corona virus illusion monster. It destroys it's tank causing the monster itself to blow up into tiny pieces. But i drive away with Jelvin, in the tank, as the corona virus illusion monster's liquid pieces start to fall on the land.

BTW i've never played advance wars in my life. I was trying to appeal to everyone on the forum site if you have played it before.
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