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Instagram's Sudan Obsession

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LiquidifcationOfSelf On March 08, 2020

, North Dakota
#1New Post! Jun 20, 2019 @ 15:27:06
A recent trend on instagram has promoted the use of using a blueish color profile picture to "Stand with Sudan" for say. While I feel the use of this is arbitrary and egoistic I want to feel what your guys opinion is on the subject matter. I'll state my current opinion.

Trends, there everywhere and are commonly used to become more popular and/or likened in society, especially in the case of instagram and it's rather younger user base. With this being said, you can say the same for the current Sudan Crisis. Its a trend to put the blue color on your profile picture, even with you not knowing any context or actually in any way supporting Sudanese people or advocating for peace. I'm not saying that a person has to become a buddhist monk to support Sudan, I am saying its arrogant and egoistic to abuse a crisis because its basically seen as cool. Just imagine for a second, think of every humanitarian crisis that is currently roughly the same size, or larger than Sudan, why don't those get their flashy trends?

The egoistic nature of this is odd place, is it materialistic to use a crisis and simply create a blue profile picture? I actually did a experiment, I made a account with this in mind to figure out. To my suprise, without advertising my profile at all with the sudan thing I was able to get about 7 likes per photo (this is much more than an average account that started in 1 day, unless your a model) So it seems that using the Sudan Crisis can actually warrant you more likes and views. Plus the message is suppose to be overall positive, further diminishing the value and worth of the actually crisis and realistic nature of it.

I hope to see your guys opinions, thanks.
mrmhead On 44 minutes ago

NE, Ohio
#2New Post! Jun 24, 2019 @ 16:46:43
There are crisis all over Africa (and the world, for that matter), each with it's own champion. The "Sudan" champions just happened to hit on a marketing push that apparently worked ... too well?, by your description of it's losing it's meaning.
emilewis7 On July 09, 2019

Rufus, Oregon
#3New Post! Jul 08, 2019 @ 22:17:30
While I do think the blue-ish profile picture is a nice, fast, and easy way to spread awareness to the Sudan Crisis (which was the original intent), I do find it interesting that you noticed an increase in likes during your experiment.
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