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I reported a post/thread/picture and it's still there!

Wingsy On June 30, 2018


#1New Post! Jul 12, 2009 @ 00:51:04
When a member reports a post, at least one moderator looks at the report, then the post to determine whether it violates TOS, is off topic, or otherwise not allowed on the site.

Not every reported post needs to be removed, and not every reported post WILL be removed. Those that violate TOS or are unrelated to the topic at hand will be removed. Reported posts that do not directly violate TOS are up to the discretion of the moderators whether to remove them or not. A large number of reports by a lot of different people are likely to be removed. It is not personal against the poster.

If a post has been reported and is not removed, you should NOT repeatedly report the same post. This is addressed in the TOS. You should also not PM moderators asking them to delete posts that have already been reported.
Wingsy On June 30, 2018


#2New Post! Jan 19, 2010 @ 16:55:39
Please note: this includes pictures, journals, and posts.

Moderators may delete a picture if it violates TOS. If you receive a PM from a mod asking you to change your avatar, please do so. Otherwise, it will be done for you.

Please do not continue to complain that something has not been removed simply because you've reported it. Not all reported posts violate TOS, and sometimes, there is no mod/admin on to deal with it at the time.
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