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I have fallen for my "friend-with-benefits".

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mona_jean On May 22, 2008

Amory, Mississippi
#2New Post! Oct 30, 2006 @ 04:38:34
Awwwww that sucks. I hate love. I really do. If you say something you might ruin it, If you don't it might get ruined by her sleeping with her ex. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. But if it means that much to you , I think you should try atleast. She may even appreciate the effort.
sk8ergrl7 On March 31, 2007

Montrose, Colorado
#3New Post! Oct 30, 2006 @ 06:42:54
well, i think you need to think about which is more important to you...having her in your life, or sleeping with her and sharing her and keeping your feelings to yourself. how do you know she isnt feeling the asme as you and maybe just trying to make you jealous cause she thinks you dont feel that way about her?? its hard to keep feelings like that to yourself, and they have a way of bubbling to the surface in sometimes not so pretty ways. I think you should talk to her and tell her how you feel, you never know unless you try.
marshalljackson On May 05, 2007

Wellington, New Zealand
#4New Post! Oct 30, 2006 @ 07:04:20
Thanks for the advice. I think I will have to talk to her, I have strong feelings for her and I dont think I could handle her sleeping with other guys.

God life is a b**** as times!!!
treebee On April 13, 2015
Government Hooker


London, United Kingdom
#5New Post! Oct 31, 2006 @ 15:15:36
umm yeah, talk to her before it all goes wrong, you dont wanna be getting any resentment for her sleeping with someone else when she doesnt know how you truly feel
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