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How to make an ftp server

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ftpman7 On December 21, 2004

#1New Post! Dec 21, 2004 @ 09:34:22
How do u make one?
El_Tino On August 10, 2020

Albuquerque, New Mexico
#2New Post! Dec 21, 2004 @ 20:49:27
1. Get a server
2. Install an FTP server on it.
psycho On September 24, 2006

, Missouri
#3New Post! Jan 09, 2005 @ 16:01:42
you know many things are quite simple, generally you can just type in "create ftp server" in either yahoo or google
miss_s On April 27, 2005

Erith, United Kingdom
#4New Post! Mar 16, 2005 @ 11:33:44
Hey does any of you know what is needed for a File Transfer Protocol. It'd be much appreciated if you could let me know.
prom83 On August 06, 2006


Somewhere, United Kingdom
#5New Post! Mar 16, 2005 @ 16:53:01
For setting up a server:

You need a computer, usually with a fast internet connection, and fast
harddrives. You need FTP server software (probably easier to use linux, and
run one from there as it will be more stable than windows.)
Make sure you set privilages, and access to certian folders only ....make it

For using FTP servers :

You need FTP Client software. A few free ones are WS_FTP_LITE. Do a google
rollercoaster On October 17, 2006

Charleston, West Virginia
#6New Post! Mar 16, 2005 @ 19:44:31
you also need a constant internet connection, most of which are expensive
miss_s On April 27, 2005

Erith, United Kingdom
#7New Post! Apr 06, 2005 @ 08:46:34
Ok thanks guys! I'm currently at college doing a course in ICT and am doing my assignment! Got another question for you. What is an online database? I've been on this course nearly a year now and am still rubbish at Networking lol. look forward to reading your answers!
El_Tino On August 10, 2020

Albuquerque, New Mexico
#8New Post! Apr 06, 2005 @ 17:16:15
A database is just a collection of data.

It usually contains tables and rows.

For example, you might have a table for users. The users table might contain the following rows:


The database is accessed using a database program such as MySQL, MS SQL or some other database software. Each has it's own format for storing and accessing the data.
noveltygun On January 19, 2020

seattle, Washington
#9New Post! Feb 15, 2005 @ 17:04:50
you made it!!!!
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