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How to live like an Aussie Tour

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cobber On July 22, 2006


Rockhampton, Australia
#1New Post! May 22, 2006 @ 13:22:07
Take this quick internet tour guide of How to live like an Aussie.

G?ddy mate! Would you like to catch a glimpse as to how we Australians live? We do have some ?peculiarities?, but it?s all pretty normal and fair-dinkum Aussie to us. For instance, did you know that when an Aussie exclaims and heartily chuckles out to you ? You bastard!?, it is not an insult but actually a sign of acceptance that he/she feels comfortable enough with you to call you that? In other countries, this may have resulted in a fist fight. But in Australia, this may result in a beer at the nearest pub! To know and really understand us Aussies, come take a little fun journey of our day-to-day lives in the ?How to live like an Australian? tour! Good on ya, mate!

How to Live Like an Aussie Tour

lil_matchbook On December 08, 2006

, Australia
#2New Post! May 22, 2006 @ 13:53:31
i dont want to live like a pure aussie
x_chanelle_x On December 09, 2009


Untitled!, United Kingdom
#3New Post! May 22, 2006 @ 15:09:10

You Bastard!!
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