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mamakat On April 08, 2010


, Canada
#1New Post! Jan 31, 2010 @ 18:41:24
One night,a father passed his son's room and heard his son praying
"God bless Mommy,Daddy and Grandma.Ta Ta,Grandpa."
The father didn't quite know what this meant,but was glad his son was praying.The next morning they found Grandpa dead on the floor of a heart attack.The father reassured himself that it was just a coincidence,but was still spooked.

The next night,he heard his son praying again:"God bless Mommy and Daddy,Ta ta Grandma."

The father was worried,but decided to wait until the next morning.
Sure enough,Grandma was on the floor,dead of a heart attack.

Really scared now,the father decided to wait outside of his son's door the next night.And sure enough,the boy started to pray:God bless Mommy,Ta ta Daddy."

Now the father was crapping his pants with fear.He stayed up all night,and went to his doctor the next day to make sure his health was fine.When he finally came home,his wife was waiting on the porch.
She said,"Thank God you're here-we could really use your help!
We found the milkman dead on our porch this morning!"
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