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Does God dislike his own moral sense and autonomy?

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GreatestIam2 On September 21, 2020

Ottawa, Canada
#1New Post! Mar 08, 2011 @ 16:36:03
Does God dislike his own moral sense and autonomy?

In reading Genesis, I realized that God seemed quite put out be A & E showing that they are autonomous creatures and able to not just follow orders like some kind or robot.

The first time they showed any autonomy, God came down on them rather harder than what he had warned them about which king of surprises me, as I think this completely unjust. If governments did this, there would be harsh demands for them to change their ways. Christians though seem to think this immorality is quite all right. They hide behind their---God can do whatever he wants----immoral mantra to justify any immorality on Godís part.

Genesis showed a rather unforgiving God, much more severe than any parent I know, and a God that did not give them all the information required to make an informed choice. In fact, God left it up to the talking snake to inform A & E about the great benefits of having the knowledge of good and evil.

We are never told in scripture just why God wanted to keep A & E as dumb as the other animals but we are told that by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they did what the Bible later tells us to do and that is to try to be as perfect as God. In fact God says that they did reach his moral height and became as Gods, with the moral sense that the knowledge of good and evil brings. Manís elevation IOW. Not a fall as many have been spoon fed to believe.

Any parent that I know wants their children to be autonomous and have a good moral sense. We all want our children to be better than we think we are and to not have to rely on our guidance forever.

God seems to have gone the other way and resented and punished A & E and all the rest of us through original sin and a cursed earth for the so called sin.

Man would give all kinds of kudos to his children if in Eden.
Why did God do the opposite and punish?

Was he just or unjust in his punishment of A & E and the rest of us?

Why would he punish A & E for being like him, in moral terms?
Why would he punish them for them learning they could be autonomous and not slaves?

If God was angered when A & E becoming like him, does that mean that he does not like his own moral sense and would give up his autonomy?

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