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Corona/2020 Struggles

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Belzd On August 07, 2020

London, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Aug 07, 2020 @ 00:19:47
Hey guys, before you ignore me/skip/cuss me out, I wanna explain my situation.
a) I understand life is tough and it is we all do what we can to get by
b) I understand this year/decade/lifetime has beat many of us up in many different ways... and I too am here to help if I can.
c) You don’t have to believe anything on this insane worldwide web- but I am being COMPLETELY honest.
d) TW for depression/anxiety and suicidal ideation.

I am a young 20-something y/o woman from the UK. Working and studying since 16. I am currently (and have always been) in hard times (as are a lot of us). Not the best parenting, first born (of four), and raising them alone a lot of the time. Being “academically gifted” young, has ultimately led to the rapid decline in my mental and physical health, working myself to the point of burnout. Although experiencing depression & anxiety at 13, I was diagnosed at 18 (my first year of uni) and placed on antidepressants (SSRIS). It has been 6 years, I’ve o’d in every SSRI I’ve been given and have undergone psychological therapy for a total of just over 2 years. I’m still at my wits end. I’ve also started a job in January 2020 that has cause me to spiral into a somewhat deeper depression. I worked there for a month and was given a total of £16.42. I was expected to be paid £300 weekly, clearly it was some sort of Ponzi scheme. At this point my suicidal ideations have become more powerful, leading to many attempts. As my mother believes it is harming her substantially younger kids (all under aged 13 - which I’ve essentially raised) she is kicking me out the house and no longer (hardly ever did) supporting me.
Job hunting (as one can imagine) is absolutely abysmal and I have so many things to pay off/sort that I’ve given up entirely, government schemes haven’t even been the most helpful as I am under 25.

I didn’t come here to grovel or give a soap opera worth life story but just wanted to reach out to anyone willing/able to help. Furthermore I’m a “psych grad” and am willing to support in anyway I can.
I am literally posting here as I am at the end of my (metaphorical) rope and will take anything I can get. I LITERALLY have nothing left to all.

My Cashapp: £beleshid
Even £1 would help. Honestly lol.
Idk how this forum works, but if you need/would like me to share your posts I’d be happy to. We probably could all use a helping hand right now.
dookie On about 7 hours ago
Foolish Bombu

, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Aug 07, 2020 @ 08:26:55
Well, you never know exactly who you are communicating with on the net. Long ago I just decided to take any post at face value and not get into any "is he, ain't she" type of double guessing.

I did not want to ignore you, but I won't actually be transferring any money. Justifying myself, I/we do our bit, I won't go into details.

Often I'm at a complete loss at what to do when faced with those more unfortunate then myself. Only yesterday, walking into town, early morning, a guy passed me, totally wasted, reeking of meths, mumbling to himself. Further on I heard him giving vent to who knows who. Self protection comes to mind. Interfere? Play the good samaritan? These days you could end up with a knife in the guts.

So, as I say, we do what we can, and I give thanks for what I have.

Sorry, I wish you well. But that's it. Possibly you could join in with some of the threads on here, and in the time honoured way of "no calculation", life could improve.
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