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Computer shuts down when loading windows (vista)

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evenhorizon On August 27, 2010

N?rnberg, Germany
#1New Post! Jul 13, 2010 @ 23:07:15
PC desktop
Windows vista home premium
3gb ddr2 dual channel
500 gb hard disk
AMD athlon 64x2 6000+
Hello, I turn my computer on and it gives me the "Launch System Repair" and "log into windows vista menu" When I choose either option the computer shuts down. When going to the f8 menu, any option I choose (safe mode etc.) the computer shuts down when it starts loading safe mode. HOWEVER, the computer does not shut down if it remains in that menu or even the BIOS menu and settings screen, I can navigate and do stuff and it stays on. I have tried the following and nothing has worked:
- Put new silver paste on chip and cooling part cleaning first the old one.
- Blew air and cleaned all dirt from inside, specially cooling parts
- Reset BIOS taking battery out
- Tried to boot from recovery CD
- Took out RAM and cleaned
- Tried to make it work with only one RAM stick of 1GB (tip I got from some forum)
***There is no beeping codes or abnormal noises

Fans work and temperature seems normal, but only read it when I'm into the BIOS settings, however not sure if it then overheats when trying to load windows.

Any more ideas???

Thanks a lot!!!
SparklyKatie On March 07, 2014

Sheffield, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Jul 13, 2010 @ 23:10:39
Reinstall Vista?
FinchMeister On December 08, 2018

#3New Post! Jul 13, 2010 @ 23:29:40
my computer shuts down too. well my broswers do. i have the same as you do too.
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