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rondetto On about 8 hours ago

Wrexham, United Kingdom
#1New Post! May 26, 2020 @ 08:33:11
A man walks into a large crowded city centre pub, desperate to have a dump. Seeing a sign directing patrons up a flight of stairs to the toilets – he ascends the stairs as quickly as his condition will allow.

On reaching the landing area there are no further signs and despite searching he cannot locate the toilets. Unable to contain his predicament any longer, he sees a hole in the floor and decides his best option is to defecate there.

After finishing his business, relived he decides to have a quick beer. To his amazement when he gets down to the bar, the place is deserted. Approaching the bar, he asks the bartender ‘Where is everyone?’ to which the bartender replies ‘Where the hell were you when the sɦíţ hit the fan?’
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